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The booming 2D printing industry, adhesives and other wall stickers

Even if you are not familiar with the world of decoration, it is difficult to ignore the adhesive support as it has been so successful, particularly since its promotion by the (late) M6 TV show, D&CO . This industry linked to the field of digital printing was once reserved for B2B businesses, but it must be recognized that it is benefiting from growing interest, particularly in the field of decoration and personalization. Without further ado, let’s take a quick overview of this promising area.

Digital printing: an evolution that benefits from technological advances

Far from us are the days when the field of printing consisted of laboriously manipulating gigantic presses to print books, newspapers and other leaflets on an assembly line. The field of digital printing has evolved with the times and now benefits from the latest advances in the field.

Digital printing now allows printing on many types of media. This can range from billboards to flyers and wall stickers (the term stickers is simply an English term for “stickers”). If you don’t know, the field of digital printing also includes the manufacture of wallpaper and decorations of all kinds.

Inks have also evolved, now offering a certain peace of mind when it comes to composites, ecological, or at least more respectful of the environment.

An increasingly broad field of application

With technological advances, the digital printing industry now finds itself at the heart of numerous productions and quite naturally, in the field of interior decoration. Indeed, more and more individuals (and professionals) are using affordable items to decorate their homes and this is particularly the case for wall stickers, whose success is no longer in doubt, which benefits from this most.

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Wall Stickers

Picascii, the specialist in wall and decorative stickers
wall stickers

The use of wall stickers is of course not limited to wall decoration only in the living rooms of a house, it is good to know that there are now adhesives that can be placed on the floor, or even decorate a room. splashback or tiles.

The wallpaper

In the same spirit as wall stickers, wallpaper is experiencing a new lease of life thanks to the arrival of new adhesive vinyl supports allowing easier installation than its paper counterpart. Far from us the famous 70’s style decorative wallpaper from Grandma Huguette! now trompe-l’oeil, wall photographs and other advertising (and personalized) decorations open up new market opportunities.

Suitable for both B2C and wholesalers (on-demand manufacturing of personalized series, etc.), this is a support that allows you to aim broadly. Store chains have also understood this, and in particular the 4MURS franchise focusing its activity on the retail niche.

Advertising media and other personalized goodies

The field of digital printing opens many doors, and not just those for individuals! businesses are also a prime target for this formerly B2B-focused field. Advertising media for your marketing campaigns are in fact more and more appreciated by customers, we find at the top of the list of course Stickers, which allow broad communication at a lower cost, bags and other personalized totebags but also more objects “utilities” such as mugs, pens, calendars, water bottles and many others that it would be difficult to list them all.

personalized goodies

As you can see, and this is just an overview, the field of digital printing has undergone many changes in recent years, opening the door to new markets, B2C. As we will detail in a future article, 2D printing also flows into the field of 3D printing and concerning the latter, developments will be rapid and will benefit both ordinary users and large companies. More in the next article!