Le créateur de Jujutsu Kaisen offre des fleurs à MAPPA pour la deuxième saison de la série

The creator of Jujutsu Kaisen gives flowers to MAPPA for the second season of the series

Since its summer premiere, the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen has continued to gain fans thanks to the excellent adaptation of two of its best arcs: Gojo’s past and the Shibuya incident. If the first part of the series was fascinating, no one expected the impressive work of MAP in the adventures of wizards through central Tokyo.

The quality of the season was so remarkable that the creator of the work, Gégé Akutami , couldn’t help but praise the studio for giving his manga an adaptation of this caliber. Through the official Jujutsu Kaisen account on Twitter, the Japanese mangaka shared his final opinion on this second season, leaving everyone impressed.

It’s been a very special six months, it felt like I received a gift every week! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’ll do my best with the manga too.”

Although Akutami expressed gratitude for MAPPA’s work, he also criticized the studio, stating that the workers behind the adaptation deserved adequate compensation. It is not surprising that the author is worried about this, since a few weeks ago numerous complaints were revealed from the animators of the series, accusing the studio of overexploiting them and barely leaving them any time. rest between chapters.

Despite the tensions, even under the threat of a strike, MAPPA continued to move forward on schedule. Even though some scenes in the later chapters might need revision, it is undeniable that the animators have done their best in every frame so that viewers can enjoy such an acclaimed work like this like children.

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