situation juridique cbd en europe

The current legal situation of CBD

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  • calm the mind
  • promote a relaxed state
  • relieve chronic pain
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • boost the immune system
  • to promote healthy digestion
  • reduce epileptic seizures
  • treat mental disorders
  • relieve dizziness and vomiting
  • fight infection and inflammation

CBD oil may also appear to have a favorable effect on various illnesses such as osteoarthritis and epilepsy.

CBD oil for medical purposes and the current legal situation

The growing popularity of the effects of CBD oil means that its use for medicinal purposes is legalized in many countries at different levels. As the global trend of decriminalizing and legalizing CBD oil is rapidly spreading around the world due to the awareness of its therapeutic benefits, the CBD oil industry is growing rapidly and receiving a lot of attention. attention from investors, manufacturers and researchers. While it’s true that CBD oil is having its moment, experts agree that it’s not just wellness hype. The market is currently full of brands offering a variety of products with different strengths, flavors, scents and sizes. However, unclear rules still pose problems for some online sellers, store operators and producers. Read on to learn more about the legal status of CBD oil in Europe and the United States.

What is CBD and why has it become so popular?

The cannabis plant contains more than 100 natural components that interact with each other and have various effects on the human body. Among all these components, CBD and THC are the most used and studied. Both have the same chemical composition and excellent healing properties, but with different effects on the body. You’ve probably heard of THC before. It is the main psychoactive component, the one that provides the “high” feeling associated with marijuana. On the other hand, CBD (short for cannabidiol) has no psychotropic effects, meaning it will not get the user high. For this reason, CBD has great medical potential for certain physical and mental ailments. The cannabis plant has been used medicinally in various cultures for thousands of years. However, over the past decade, CBD oil has gained attention, largely due to anecdotal evidence showing that it has multiple medicinal uses and very mild side effects.

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CBD helps patients overcome various ailments and disabilities, such as reducing nausea, managing pain, relieving stress and anxiety, and treating symptoms of certain diseases such as epilepsy. It has even been associated with helping people with cancer. Although the amount of research into its many natural health benefits is increasing every day, there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly CBD is and who it is intended for. Many people are unaware of the effects, safety, and legality of CBD, which creates a negative stigma around CBD products.

Regardless of legal status, which varies widely from country to country, acceptance of CBD is increasing worldwide, with hundreds of new companies selling tons of different products on the market, from topicals to cosmetics . So, the stigma is dissipating at a breathtaking pace and it appears that CBD is on its way to going mainstream.

The legal situation of CBD oil in the EU

The European Union has its own rules regarding the legalization of cannabis and related products. Truth be told, the CJEU, the EU’s highest court, ruled in November 2020 that CBD is not a narcotic, because based on the available scientific data, it does not appear to have any psychotropic or psychotropic effects. harmful effects on human health. This decision marked a major milestone for the European CBD legalization industry. However, the respective governments continue to make their own interpretations and decisions regarding the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived products in their countries. With a few exceptions, CBD is legal in almost all European countries. However, some are more liberal than others. For example, CBD can be easily purchased in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, where people are free to travel with their cannabis products.

CBD as an alternative tranquilizer for animals?

Long car journeys or noisy New Year’s Eve stress owners and pets alike. So that truly joyful experiences are not overshadowed by worries, some pet owners give CBD oil to their darlings. This will reduce stress levels. During long car journeys, nausea should also be alleviated by the donation. Recommendations are to administer CBD oil approximately one week before the upcoming event to increase its effectiveness.

What pet owners should consider when buying

Amateurs will find CBD oils legal in France and in Europe, which provide different concentrations. The higher the concentration, the fewer drops you need to use. Interested parties can choose from 5 to 10% CBD oils. When purchasing, it is especially important to choose a product that promises high purity.