the dark Pokémon kills the hikers on the mountain

27 years have passed since the first Pokémon games were released in Japan, and the first set of 151 creatures we encountered have become iconic. To register them all, Professor Oak gave us the Pokédex a curious device which served as an encyclopedia.

Obviously, Creatures Inc. did not miss the opportunity to do the same in real life with the launch of a book for Pokémon Red and Green containing a wealth of information about Pokémon. DidYouKnowGaming took this version that never left Japan and translated it for the rest of the world with some very curious data.

One of the most striking is the one linked to Gengar, Pokémon 125 and one of the scariest of all. He first generation ghost/poison type It has the following entry in the text which clearly indicates its nature:

“Gengar is believed to be the evolution of Haunter due to the moves they learn and their physical attributes, but the hypothesis has not yet been proven. They are said to emerge from the darkness to kill the people who get lost in the mountains. There are shrines to Gengar on several mountains.

Even the image you see just above clears up any doubt about the data and is printed in the book. That’s right, Gengar does not lose the opportunity to kill the most careless who enter its territory, so it is more than advisable to have a clear route through the mountain.

Tanto Satoshi Tajiri, original creator, Como Ken Sugimori, Pokémon designer participated in this book which contains the first drawings that the latter made to illustrate particular beings.

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