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E.S News is a free media created and maintained by a team passionate about information and technology. Yohann G., better known under the pseudonym Yog in the blogging world, initially created E.S News 5 years ago. Having benefited from numerous developments, E.S News now covers numerous themes linked to the digital world of business, business, employment, training, marketing, data science and artificial intelligence, technology, games video and much more thanks to our ever-growing volunteer team of editors. From now on, get to know those who are the sources of information on E.S News!

Yog aka Yohann .G

😎 Yog aka Yohann.G

Founder of E.S News, Yohann is a committed and versatile editor. With remarkable precision for nuance and a captivating writing style, he covers a wide range of themes, from business to current news, while highlighting recent innovations in artificial intelligence. Contact : [email protected]

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🎮 Antonin

Originally from Normandy, Antonin is a real fan of video games. An inveterate geek, he has a weakness for retro games, while remaining attentive to current technological innovations. As a freelance writer specializing in the world of gaming, Antonin speaks out of passion, seeking to communicate, exchange and give a unique perspective on the fascinating world of gaming. Contact : [email protected]



👧Sarah R.

Originally from Eastern Europe, Sarah has extensive experience as head of the Marketing department of a multinational. Editor for E.S News since 2023, she runs the Marketing category of our site but can also write in the Business theme. . Contact : [email protected]



📷 Sophie R.T

Citizen of the world, Sophie is a photographer lover and regularly travels around the world to cover numerous events. She writes here for E.S News but also for other popular media. Contact : [email protected]

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