The essential furniture for a coworking space

Coworking spaces have been on the rise in recent years. They are found almost everywhere in France, in small and large towns alike. Indeed, they perfectly meet the current challenges of the world of work and correspond to the needs of both companies and independent contractors. The demand for these workplaces is becoming stronger and stronger. Do you plan to invest in this promising sector? Or do you manage or be part of a company that has open space premises? If this is the case, you need to know what type of furniture to choose for the comfort of the occupants. Follow the leader !

Install acoustic booths

In coworking spaces that bring together many people, noise pollution is inevitable. Noise can sometimes represent a nuisance for certain workers, in order to address this problem, opt for acoustic booths to provide an adequate framework. This is an optimal solution offering many advantages to coworkers.

Indeed, acoustic cabins allow you to isolate yourself to avoid disturbing the peace or disturbing other users. They are designed with the same materials used to carry out acoustic insulation work on a house. They absorb all sound vibrations thanks to the mass-spring-mass principle. This is a mechanism which consists of placing a spring between two solid walls, such as wooden partitions for example.

Thus, acoustic booths can reduce sound by up to 35 decibels, allowing you to chat in complete confidentiality. These cabins can be employed for various purposes like recording audio or a telephone meeting. Beyond the calm offered by acoustic cabins, they are comfortable and bring an aesthetic touch to the work space thanks to their design. When installing acoustic booths, it is essential to take into account a certain number of elements.

open space

The right dimensions

For individual use, an acoustic cabin must have a minimum surface area of ​​1m². On the other hand, if it is intended for a group of 4 to 5 people, it must measure up to 6 or 7 m². Furthermore, it is necessary to provide a threshold with a height of less than 30 mm for people with reduced mobility, in order to facilitate the passage of a wheelchair.

Essential accessories

In an acoustic booth, certain accessories must be available. If the cabin is intended to facilitate short individual telephone conversations, its interior equipment must be minimalist. For longer activities, you will need install a tablet, a seat, an electrical connection (220 V and USB) to facilitate the use of laptops and computers. Dimmable LED lighting will also be useful.

Ventilation to be expected

An acoustic cabin equipped with efficient ventilation ensures frequent air renewal. This promotes the elimination of bacteria or viruses. In addition, thanks to UV-C technology, the outgoing air is disinfected to avoid contaminating the space in which the cabin is located.

Compliance with all these conditions will allow you to have a cabin that meets hygiene standards in your coworking space. For this it is appropriate to entrust its realization to a professional or purchase a ready-to-use kit.

Set up the reception for a coworking space

The reception of a coworking space or an open space is the first location that visitors discover. It is therefore important that the decoration of this space and the furniture transmit a clear message about the identity of your company and its values. In general, the place reserved for reception constitutes in itself a work space which is used to receive people and invite them to take their place.

It will therefore be necessary to provide a spacious individual office or a counter representing the workstation of the manager of the coworking space. A high meeting table with seats can also be used to create a friendly space and to seat visitors in order to explain to them how the place works. Armchairs can also be arranged for greater comfort.

Equipment to install for open space

The open space represents the heart of your coworking space. It is in this place that nomadic or permanent coworkers will spend a large part of their time. Therefore, workstations must be large enough to ensure user comfort for an entire day. There is a list of furniture that you must necessarily provide for this purpose.

Common offices

Regarding the choice of work tables, equip your coworking space with bench desks, because they are economical and optimize space. Choose models with 2, 4, 6 or even 8 seats to accommodate as many people. Theoretically, there is no no size to respect for these offices. It all depends on the space you have. You can also install team desk or lean desk type tables for 4 people. They are increasingly common in coworking spaces and are perfectly suited to this use.

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Furthermore, since coworkers very often work on a computer these days, light management is essential to preserve their health. Therefore, it will be necessary install the benches near the facades which allow light to pass through while ensuring that the computers are correctly oriented. This will avoid backlighting on the screens.

Separation screens

Install front divider screens to provide users with some privacy and confidentiality. These screens can be made of plexiglass, melamine or fabric, but the most important thing is that they have acoustic treatment to absorb as many sound waves as possible.

open space and partitions

Office chairs

Obviously, desks should be accompanied by chairs or armchairs. Choose ergonomic models with armrests, for the comfort of coworkers. You can opt for sober colors like gray or black, or brighter colors like orange or blue.

Storage spaces

In the open space, storage spaces must also be provided. Whether they are custom-designed, built-in or modular, we must above all ensure that they are practical in their daily use. For this purpose, you can install mobile storage boxes. It is possible to equip them with more or less soft cushions to create informal seats. You can also install storage equipped with doors and padlocks for frequent customers. They can leave some things there.

Furnish private offices

In a coworking space, private offices are very necessary. They offer more privacy to workers and allow them, for example, to isolate themselves to make telephone calls, carry out teleconferences or work on tasks requiring high concentration.

To do this, you must install at least one table and one seat in these offices. The chair, being the piece of furniture on which your customers will spend the most time, it must be ergonomic, solid and comfortable. This will prevent them from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Also think about choose a chair that meets the NF-1021-2 fire-resistant standard.

Regarding the table, it must be chosen according to the configuration of the space. You can opt for models with returns. They allow you to have two workstations in one. One is designed to accommodate a computer, and the other for receiving customers, for example.

Furthermore, choose an adjustable table over a classic table. Modular furniture can be adjusted by your customers to the size that suits them for greater comfort. You can also combine design and functionality by opting for a table with shelves or drawers. Users of your premises will be able to put away some things.

Furniture for the meeting room

Discussion spaces such as meeting rooms are essential in a coworking space. They are useful for companies that need premises occasionally and allow them to communicate with a large number of people, without fearing the risk of being disturbed by noise.

These spaces are also designed to host professional events, conferences, meetups and even workshops. To do this, it will be necessary to install round or oval tables, which facilitate exchanges, the circulation of ideas and speaking with a small team. On the other hand, in a large space with a large number of people, rectangular models will be more suitable.

To make the setting more flexible, you can opt for modular tables that can be dismantled, stored or repositioned.

For the seats, opt for an office chair model, with a comfortable padded seat. This will allow employees to feel comfortable and less tired.

corporate relaxation area

Arrange the relaxation area well

A break or rest space allows loyal and regular workers to create a community. It’s a place to have a coffee, chat or simply relax. You can furnish this space with furniture such as comfortable sofas, lounge seats or poufs.

You can also provide fun furniture, such as the arcade table, table football or ping-pong table. These help workers to live in a good atmosphere and cohesion. Furthermore, to combat a sedentary lifestyle, practicing physical activity is essential. So plan in this space treadmills or elliptical trainers who can meet this need.

In addition, a kitchen area is essential in a coworking space. Moreover, part of the building should be specially designed for this purpose. The idea is to encourage workers to eat meals on site and thus develop relationships. Install tables with a top, ideally designed for small kitchens. Adding nestable tables and high chairs will help workers organize the space the way they want. They will be able to have coffee or breakfast together.

In conclusion, the key word when it comes to setting up a coworking space is comfort. All furniture must be ergonomic to allow users to have a pleasant time in your premises.