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The essential things to know about business management software

Time-consuming, but essential, repetitive administrative tasks give the entrepreneur a hard time. Whatever its size and sector of activity, a company needs to ensure the production of quotes or invoices, stock tracking as well as the issuance of reminder letters. Fortunately, business management software makes businesses leaner. Follow the leader !

Commercial management is essential for a business

There business management encompasses several actions related to buying and selling. The company handles numbers, but also works on relationships. It is a separate function, just like production, human resources or communication. Not to be confused with general accounting, this branch of management allows you to:

  • Organize supplies from suppliers, by maintaining theoretical stocks and regular inventories.
  • Make the sale starting with issuing quotes, then invoices which probably contain discounts or promotional offers.
  • Manage the relationship with the customer and after-sales service (after-sales service), which sometimes includes a satisfaction survey.
  • Ensure that payments are made on time, particularly when there is a payment deadline to meet.

Thanks to management software, quotes become practical

Editing quotes can almost be automated thanks to a business management software. There are so many computer programs to to try, but Kwixeo shows the perfect example of the proforma invoice editor. With its many features, determining the right price for a product or service becomes less stressful. This ERP software provides an overview of the entire purchasing-sales process, from procurement from suppliers to delivery to the customer.

Created with a suitable tool, a good quote must:

  • Provide as much information as possible about the good or service.
  • Be personalized, that is to say specially published for the requester.
  • Specify execution times and shipping method.
  • Indicate the price excluding tax and the total with VAT
  • Mention a discount or other benefit.
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Benefits for maintaining stock and customer relations

Commercial management software makes it possible to record inventories without any hassle. These tools show the evolution of stock and indicate when to trigger replenishment. Placing orders with suppliers is done in just a few clicks. The risk of disruption is considerably reduced and the company becomes more competitive.

For invoicing, the company simplifies collection procedures. Discounts apply without lengthy calculations. The tool even determines a break-even point if production, modification or packaging costs are entered. The profit margin is often estimated. The time saving is palpable when it comes to collections. The program notifies you when a deadline is approaching and helps send a reminder letter.

How to choose among the software available on the market?

There are a multitude of tools of commercial management. Some are royalty free. Others are subject to licensing. There are also SaaS exclusively accessible online. In all cases, you must choose according to the real needs of the company. A multinational listed on the CAC40 does not have the same expectations as a self-employed person. Then, it is always better to opt for customizable software. If you have to buy the program or pay for the service, it would be better to have features that adjust to the company’s activities.

Publishers sometimes offer additional modules in the event that the company experiences strong growth in its turnover. Above all, the software should fit the budget, be ergonomic and with intuitive handling. It would be a shame if you still have to spend money on lengthy training or hire additional staff to take care of the management tool.