Le quatrième volet de la saga des stars de Marvel embauche un nouveau scénariste pour boucler les dernières extrémités du blockbuster

The fourth installment of Marvel’s star-studded saga hires a new screenwriter to tie up the blockbuster’s loose ends

Although 2024 appears to be a fairly quiet year for Marvel Studios, 2025 presents itself with high expectations for the company with one of the most anticipated films of this phase of the MCU: Captain America: Brave New World . The fourth part of the saga will feature a new protagonist after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, and although production has progressed relatively well, the studio wants to ensure the success of the film.

According to Deadline, Matthew Orton, a screenwriter who previously participated in Moon Knight, will collaborate again with Marvel to write the scripts for the reshoots planned for Captain America 4 . These reshoots will take place in mid-2024 and will represent the final adjustments the production needs before fully wrapping filming.

While some may think that reshoots may indicate problems, it’s important to remember that these extra shots are a regular part of the production of every Marvel movie. They are intended as an essential part of the study quality control process.

The length of filming days can vary, from three days to more than two weeks, depending on the director’s satisfaction with the final content of the film. Captain America: Brave New World It was originally scheduled for release next year, but due to actor and writer strikes and Disney’s internal restructuring, the film’s release was postponed to February 14, 2025.

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