The future of French industries

French industries are facing fierce competition around the world, particularly from Asian industry. To continue to survive in a globalized market, several points need to be worked on. Supplier relations, commercial development, but also the management of production units, or obviously marketing and communication.

Industrial profitability requires efficient purchasing

It is important for French companies to make good purchases so as not to spend too much. In fact, profitability will already be found on the side of small purchases. For example, if the company is looking for a stainless steel strapping stainless steel strapping at the best price, he will be able to buy this small piece of equipment in bulk and take advantage of this large order to lower prices. This strategy is good with all types of purchases. Additionally, negotiating payment terms is equally important. This is why many purchasing services impose payment terms on their suppliers at thirty, sixty or even ninety days at the end of the month. With this type of conditions, it is possible to create value with the merchandise even before having actually paid for it.

handler in a company

Business development is essential

To achieve growth, you need a strong and efficient sales department. Indeed, the sustainability of an industry is to have a full order book and reliable and regular customers. In addition, it is necessary to regularly seek out new clients to secure your industry.

Business development is done in multiple ways. Salespeople can work and maintain existing customers. Indeed, it is always easier to build loyalty than to chase new customers. But when it is necessary to find new customers, the techniques are simple. Salespeople can knock on the doors of potential customers to present the company’s products. They can also use professional social networks. But marketing and communication are also essential levers to activate for commercial development.

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Marketing and communications

Key services of all French companies to help them grow, marketing and communication should not be left aside. They will help both buyers in their negotiations and sellers in their demonstrations. The web is also very necessary, whatever the industry worked. An effective and accessible website can only be a good tool for developing growth.

Raise funds

Latest solution to develop the growth of French industries, raise funds. This is possible with banks, financial institutions or even investment funds. Going public can also make it possible to bring funds into French industries, in order to make new investments in factories, or to attack new markets.

With all this information, you now know the ins and outs of the growth of French industries and the means to perform.