La série Game of Thrones regorge d'indices sur sa fin... et aucun n'a empêché certains de choisir le mauvais nom pour leur chien

The Game of Thrones series is full of clues about its ending… and none have stopped some people from choosing the wrong name for their dog

Closing a story is never easy, especially in the very extensive and successful sagas that have accompanied us for so many years. Keeping all the fans happy is a daunting task that many TV series have experimented with and managed to convince some of their subscribers to complete. very satisfied and others with enormous anger . For example, the one that left no one indifferent was Game of Thrones.

From here, it should be noted that The post will contain spoilers. so you don’t keep reading in case you haven’t seen the HBO series and plan to someday.

The actor Peter Dinklage known for playing Tyrion Lannister, gave an interview to The Independent in which he spoke about the end of the series to defend it tooth and nail, because for him the series ended in an extraordinary way, which is why he The reaction that the majority of viewers had was so surprising.

One of the main reasons for this was the plot twist suffered by Daenerys Targaryen , something that didn’t convince many people. However, Peter Dinklage said the clues were there at all times:

I know a lot of people were supposedly surprised by the ending, but if you paid attention, the clues were there. We told you not to call your dog Khaleesi.

Furthermore, he took the opportunity to talk about the second season of House of the Dragon. So, he admitted that he feels very excited about everything that is coming, although he also wanted to convey a message to those in charge so that they avoid the temptation to recreate success that he collected Game Of Thrones .

If you try to recreate it, it will seem like you are only doing it for the money. With a lot of sequels, the reason they exist is because the first one made a lot of money, and that’s why they’re not as strong.

The premiere of this future season is planned this summer and at the moment the anticipation has exploded with its epic trailer, with which it predicts that we will witness a fierce war between the forces led by Rhaenyra Targaryen against those of Queen Alicent Hightower.

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