La chanson la plus recherchée sur Google en 2023 vient de l'un des anime les plus surprenants de l'année

The most searched song on Google in 2023 comes from one of the most surprising anime of the year

Like every year, the annual summaries of the different social networks and applications flood the phones and computers of the most curious. After taking advantage of Spotify’s Wrapped and Twitch’s Recap, Google revealed the most important terms in each area.

Among all the trends that dominated the list, the one that caught the attention was the most searched songs throughout the year. Although many might think it would be Shakira’s song with Bizarrap or K-Pop’s, the most searched for in 2023 turned out to be nothing more and nothing less than the opening of Oshi no Ko .

This anime has become one of the most shocking surprises of the entire year, positioning itself as the best work of Japanese animation in history with only its first chapter. Even though its popularity has waned over time, there is no denying that the series has left a significant mark on the industry.

Anime is increasingly taking hold in global society, and this impact is reflected in Google searches. If we look at Google queries on other topics, we will notice that several animes occupy high positions in different lists. One Piece, for example, ranks as the third most searched series of the year, with more Google searches expected over time.

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