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The promotional bag: a marketing tool for brands and businesses

With its serious advantages, the advertising bag has become in just a few years the favorite communication medium for businesses and major brands. This marketing support has many advantages. Economical, practical for the user and equipped with a large printable surface, it is a communication medium that it would be a shame to do without. If you are considering investing in a marketing campaign in the near future but are still unsure about which medium to choose, the rest of this article is likely to guide your choice (and it is justified!)

The advertising bag: an accessory that meets the needs of your customers

In the family of advertising objects that we know to be successful media, there are of course mugs, stickers and other derivative products such as textiles, but if we should choose one particularly suited to brands and businesses, the advertising bag wins hands down.

Indeed, on a daily basis, it is an object that is used both in the office and in everyday life. Used sometimes to store, sometimes to transport, its large printable surface ensures your logo or brand has unequivocal visibility.

According to a study carried out in 2020, less than 20% of users get rid of their promotional bags. A record for an article dedicated to marketing campaigns. Offering your customers a promotional bag will therefore be an excellent investment for your business and, moreover, will have an impact both in the short term and in the long term.

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There is no shortage of opportunities to offer your customers this promotional item: to transport purchases, wrap a gift or quite simply, to offer as a bonus during a mail order order.

Aesthetics, ethics, practicality…

Depending on the activity of your company, a good idea would be to opt for a personalized promotional bag made in a sustainable and ethical medium. The materials available are numerous and suitable for all budgets. There are fabrics, plastic, kraft paper but also coconut fibers or burlap. It’s up to you to make a choice in line with the image you want to give to this communication medium, one thing is certain, it is that the trend is towards sustainable and ethical materials in the sense of the environment.

Printing your logo is feasible these days on just about any type of material and in a durable manner. However, to find out the best option available according to your needs, contacting a professional is firstly strongly recommended.

A personalized object to retain your customers

In addition to the undeniable advantages that promotional bags offer for your marketing campaigns, offering them to your customers significantly increases your brand image as well as, in general, satisfaction with your products or services. A large majority of bags being reusable, their use will not be limited only to the store > home journey, on the contrary, its life cycle has only just begun, increasing the opportunities for your logo or the name of your company to be visible by many future customers.