Soleil d'Arizona 2

the return of one of virtual reality’s most beloved sagas, now on PlayStation VR2

I’m not sure how more or less complex creating a control system for VR from scratch must be, although I suspect it must not be easy. I understand that’s as good a reason as any to say, hell, let’s make a sequel and enjoy what we’ve created, and it makes sense, that’s how we get to Arizona Sun 2 .

He does not intend to go much further than the first part and, as you will see below, the news can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but he is fully aware of his condition and, precisely for this reason, it is It manages to shine even when there is not much else to stand out.

The long-awaited sequel to a virtual reality “classic”

Arizona Sun 2 is a zombie game for virtual reality, and as such you can probably get a pretty clear idea of ​​where the shots are going. Never said better.

You can check the box and score a point if you’ve thought about the different types of zombies, the weapons you can freely aim, the mechanics for opening doors and reloading ammo in the most tangible way possible, the hordes you can destroy with heavy weapons, and some other platforming action like climbing a pipe or climbing a ladder.

To a large extent, everything that has already made the first installment one of the most notable games from the first batch of adventures with faces and eyes for virtual reality. And since it’s only with improved graphics it would be hard to justify a sequel, since it includes a few more new features on the way.

The most linked to this passion for touching objects in virtual reality are reloading, which now requires a small particular mechanic for each type of weapon, for example raising the barrel of the revolver to release the bullets, and in a manufacturing system with with which to assemble mines, grenades and Molotovs to face the zombies.

Arizona Sunshine 2 Wants to Do More Than Just Shoot Zombies (But Not Much)

Although these are two small details that might be the most remarkable part of this project. Arizona Sun 2 the truth is that here success in attracting your attention comes down to two other options: your scenario and the companion who has decided to join us in this adventure.

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Although it does not intend to be the Citizen Kane of video games, I think it is worth highlighting the excellent work behind the jokes of the protagonist and, above all, how this humor that helps him to surviving in the midst of the apocalypse is It goes broke as the game progresses and its options become more and more limited. That he is so good at selling us drama in a game that is pure comedy is worth mentioning.

The other great gem is the dog who, shortly after the start of the adventure, will join our group to help us. You will be able to collect objects that are not within our reach, help us solve strange puzzles and kill or slow down all those zombies that we tell you by pressing a button.

Do you remember the fight with the dogs in John Wick 3? Well, turn that frenzy down three or four gears and you can get a feel for what it’s like to play Arizona Sun 2 with a dog at your side when you are already proficient with weapons, reloading them and using your dog’s commands.

The opinion of E.S News

With just over six hours remaining, and the option to add a handful more via horde mode or replay the campaign in co-op mode, there’s no denying that Arizona Sun 2 It is halfway between the idea of ​​a game and that of the experience to which virtual reality commonly clings.

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel or do anything particularly special, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable and we still have a handful of more hordes to tire of the idea. I hope, however, that by the time a hypothetical third installment arrives, they will have something else to surprise us.

Arizona Sun 2

Arizona Sunshine 2 Price

Arizona Sun 2 is available on PC, Meta Quest and PlayStation VR2 from December 5 for the price of 49.99 euros.

Arizona Sunshine 2 Duration

If you want to go all out and enjoy the cooperative and its horde mode, the possibilities of extending it beyond 10 hours are there, but if you are one of those who jump into a game and it lasts a assault, it will be difficult for you will need more than two afternoons to recover.