La Ring Car Cam semble avoir été abandonnée

The Ring Car Camera appears to have been discontinued.

In a surprising development for the world of automotive technology, home security giant Ring has suspended sales of its innovative product, the Ring Car Cam. This device, a mix of dashcam and vehicle security camera, made its grand debut at CES 2023. However, despite hopes and initial enthusiasm, the company confirmed complications leading to the cessation of the sales and order cancellations since January.

According to Ring spokesperson Andrea McDonald, the company has encountered “constant delays” with the Car Cam, pushing them to make the difficult decision to stop selling it. Customers who had already purchased the product will not be left in the lurch, however, as the company has promised to continue offering software updates and technical support. McDonald also highlighted Ring’s continued enthusiasm for innovating in the automotive space, leaving a door open for future initiatives.

The silence around the specific reasons for the delays and whether the sale will be resumed in the future raises questions. Especially since these problems seem to confirm the initial criticisms regarding the product. There Ring Car Cam was received with mixed feelings, torn between its identity as a dashcam and a security system, struggling to excel in either area. Users specifically pointed to poor video quality for a dashcam and expensive monthly fees for a vehicle security system. Additionally, despite promising synergies with Ring and Alexa, the product suffered from limited integrations and a lack of voice features.

This turnaround echoes the experiences of some customers, as evidenced by an email from Amazon canceling a customer’s order, citing these “persistent delays in availability”. This product, which had initially captivated some customers, now seems to be more vaporware, after a launch which had nevertheless started on a promising note.

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Ring’s decision to pause the sale of the Car Cam highlights the challenges inherent in entering new and competitive markets, even for well-established companies. With this thoughtful pause, Ring is signaling its intention not to compromise quality or user experience for speed. It remains to be seen how the company will readjust its strategy for the automotive sector in the future.