The role of sustainable development at Sparck Technologies

The challenge of sustainable development today is a real race against time for companies. For the sake of both ecology and brand image and social well-being, they must integrate sustainable solutions into their strategy and activities. This is the case of Sparck Technologies, a company specializing in custom automated packaging, which also practices and helps companies take the plunge.

Sparck Technologies in a few words

Since 1924, the Dutch company Sparck Technologies, formerly HaDeWe, has focused on innovation and the development of high-tech solutions for entrepreneurs with a concrete goal: to make their lives easier. Since 2014, the company has specialized in automatic packaging machines for online businesses. With strong demand as a result of an astronomical increase in online orders due to digitalization and certain crises such as the pandemic that we have experienced, logistics providers have started looking for solutions to package these orders efficiently and quickly. and respectful of the environment. It is thanks to intelligent machines capable of packaging orders automatically and at the speed of light that many companies around the world benefit from packaging systems of Spark Technologies.

Sustainable packaging, the company’s main mission

Sustainable development is characterized by 4 pillars at Sparck Technologies:

  • Sustainable packaging, with no plastic or cushioning materials
  • Efficiency, with less corrugated cardboard
  • Made to measure, with boxes cut and folded to adapt to the products
  • Savings, with reduced costs and increased yield

In order to meet the endless demands of consumers, shippers must adapt to new trends and adopt eco-responsible behaviors. They must analyze all aspects of their order processing process to reduce their carbon footprint. Packaging is the very first impression a company gives to its consumer when receiving their package, so it is essential to send a positive image through sustainable packaging solutions. For example, “81% of consumers are convinced that businesses should help improve the environment”. Brands therefore no longer have the choice to comply with its priorities.

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CVP Everest, the reliable solution

In creating its CVP Everest machine, Sparck Technologies had several ambitions: the development of an all-in-one machine which allows work to be done in record time, as well as offering ecological packaging as part of a concept of durability. With automatic carton feeders, the machine designs the smallest package possible, regardless of the contents. This makes it possible to adjust transport volumes, and thus reduce the CO2 emitted for delivery. The use of corrugated cardboard is therefore significantly reduced, and the need for cushioning materials is no longer necessary, which represents savings and an enhancement of respect for the environment. Finally, thanks to the automated process, this solution is part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice, with a reduction in unnecessary waste in terms of raw materials while increasing yield in the process. Labor requirements are also reduced.