investir dans une scpi

The SCPI: a good investment for young professionals

Today, more and more young workers are wondering how to invest money to secure their future. However, today, investments in SCPIs offer a fairly interesting compromise for obtaining additional income, while having the possibility of optimizing taxes. Real estate investments have the reputation of being more stable than financial investments even if they generally yield less. In this article, we will see that SCPIs offer many advantages for young professionals.

Increase the value of your assets and your income

This is the first reason that pushes investors to invest money. First, purchasing shares creates assets. In fact, SCPIs offer to buy what we call paper stone. It is shares in a capital which will be used to buy real estate and earn income from it. These shares therefore constitute in themselves a value in the investors’ assets and they can be sold. Afterwards, income from the SCPI make it possible to obtain additional income proportional to the number of shares held in the capital. This is why it is important to choose the type of SCPI in which you wish to invest (yield SCPI, tax SCPI, capital gains SCPI). Depending on your needs, it is also important to know if you want to buy shares in a SCPI with fixed capital or in an SCPI with variable capital. To know how to best invest in an SCPI, it is essential to be advised by specialists.

Tax-free part of your investment

SCPIs are diversifying real estate investments in order to obtain tax advantages. Indeed, the incentive measures adopted by the States in whose territory SCPIs purchase goods allow those who hold shares to exempt part of the funds invested from tax. It is therefore a very interesting operation from this point of view.

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Ease of management

What attracts more and more young workers towards investment in SCPI it is also ease in terms of managing real estate. Indeed, the SCPI manages the entire real estate portfolio (maintenance, rental management, purchases, resales) and takes care of paying the income to investors according to a very precise schedule (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual). The investor is completely relieved of everything.

Flexibility in terms of financing

Today, there are distributors specializing in SCPIs such as the Centrale des SCPI. These professionals support and advise their clients with the aim of enabling them to make the most profitable investment best suited to their needs. Each file is taken care of in an individualized manner in order to find the best placement and by finding solutions to finance their projects. Indeed, it is possible to request a real estate loan which will be used to purchase SCPI shares. Initially, the income earned from these companies will be used to repay the installments. Once these have been repaid, it will be possible to resell your shares to obtain capital or keep them to have additional income when you retire.