La recherche Google Drive sur iOS bénéficie de meilleures options de filtrage

The search function on Google Drive for iOS is improved with better filtering options.

The advent of a new feature for users of Google Drive on iOS marks a crucial step in improving the file search experience. Indeed, Google recently announced the introduction of pre-search and post-search drop-down menus, an update that significantly simplifies the process of filtering files by type, owner, and last modification date. This new feature is intended to enrich the tools available to users to access their documents stored in the cloud in a more intuitive way.

The way these drop-down menus work is quite intuitive. Before even starting a search, the user can set criteria that will narrow down the results to those that best suit their needs. Additionally, after performing a search, filter recommendations relevant are proposed to further refine the results. This approach, in several respects, revolutionizes the way of navigating files, saving time and increasing efficiency, especially when the exact name of a file escapes the user.

What makes this update particularly interesting is that it is accessible to a wide audience. Both customers Google Workspace that individual subscribers, as well as those with a personal Google account on iOS, can benefit from it. However, for Android users, you will have to wait a bit, although Google has assured that the feature will soon be rolled out on this platform as well.

One aspect praised by users is the simplicity with which it is now possible to locate a specific file without knowing its precise name. For example, if we are looking for a video but the exact title escapes us, simply select the “Videos” file type filter, then refine the search by specifying a last modified date range. This ability to personalize the search according to different criteria clearly demonstrates the flexibility of this update.

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This improvement is indeed a welcome transition from previous filtration methods based on filter suggestions and sliding filters, which although useful, did not always provide the desired simplicity and efficiency. Drop-down menus once again prove their superiority in terms of ergonomics and usability.

In conclusion, this update of Google Drive for iOS brings a significant improvement to searching and managing files in the cloud. With a more intuitive user interface and advanced filtering options, Google continues to refine its services to offer its users an ever more optimal experience. It remains to be seen how this functionality will evolve in the future, particularly in terms of further customization of search criteria.