Le battage médiatique de Solana memecoin se poursuit, la phase bêta de Backpack a été un succès et Starbucks abandonne son programme NFT

The Solana memecoin craze continues, Backpack beta succeeds, and Starbucks ends its non-fungible token program

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the week was marked by exciting news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Between strategic changes by major brands, innovations in the field of *web3* and market fluctuations, here is an overview of the highlights.

**Starbucks** has made the decision to withdraw from its adventure in NFTs with the abandonment of its Odyssey NFT program launched last year, a sign that even coffee giants can get burned in the digital world. Meanwhile, **Solana** has ridden a new wave of interest in *memecoins*, illustrating the sector’s ability to capture attention, sometimes in surprising ways.

On the business side, blockchain technology is once again asserting itself as a potential pillar to counter the troubles of the digital age, particularly in terms of detecting *deepfakes* and verifying the validity of content. This approach could well redefine online information and data management methods.

On the market front, despite a week marked by a general drop in cryptocurrency prices, bitcoin and ether maintained relatively robust performances over the month, reflecting the volatility, but also the resilience that these digital assets can display. .

In India, the cryptocurrency landscape is facing increasing challenges, particularly due to crackdowns by government agencies, adding obstacles to an already complex ecosystem. The crypto exchange **OKX** notably announced the cessation of its services in the country, illustrating the regulatory constraints facing the sector on a global scale.

In the field of podcasts and thematic series, **Chain Reaction** looked this month at the synergies between blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), through a discussion with Tegan Kline, CEO and co-founder of * *Edge & Node**. Perspectives on the future of decentralized applications (*dApps*) and their potential role in the AI ​​ecosystem were explored, highlighting the importance of innovation and collaboration between cutting-edge technologies.

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As for recent projects and investments in the sector, we note the diversity and vigor of initiatives, ranging from alternative platforms to **FTX** financed by former Grindr executives, to efforts to tokenize real assets in the **MENA** region. These fund movements reflect the continued appetite for blockchain and cryptocurrency applications, despite market challenges and fluctuations.

Alongside these *web3*-oriented developments, general technology news has no shortage of points of interest, from **Reddit**’s IPO to NBCUniversal’s preparations for an immersive experience at the next Games Olympics, demonstrating that the tech industry continues to be bustling with activity on all fronts.

This overview of the week in the world of *web3* and beyond highlights the extent and diversity of initiatives and challenges at a time when technology continues to reshape the contours of our daily lives.