l'univers des rencontres en ligne

The world of virtual meetings: how to understand if it is necessary to continue communication?

Even in a live conversation, it can be very difficult to understand how much a person is interested in you and whether it is really worth continuing to communicate with them. When we talk about virtual communication, the situation becomes even more complicated.

When you meet a person on the Internet, it is extremely complicated to understand whether they are interested in you or whether they are only communicating with you out of courtesy. Is she really busy right now or is she just ignoring you? Are his “emoticons” in messages sincere or is it just a habit?

Today we will try to figure out how to understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate with a person on the Web, how to determine that he does not want to communicate with you, and what online services to use to avoid misunderstandings.

5 Signs Someone Wants to Communicate and Further Develop Your Relationship

  1. The person writes honestly about themselves and shares real photos: Honesty is always a good sign in any relationship. If this person is unfamiliar, but sincere and not trying to hide something from you, even better. You can consider it a success if your interlocutor talks about himself, shares funny stories from life, if he can tell you about his family and friends or if he sends you cool photos taken in passing. Of course, it is much easier to assess a person’s sincerity live or at least on video, but it is noticeable even in text messages.
  2. Your contact offers to transfer the communication to a messaging service or to another more convenient platform: If you met on a dating site or app, then over time you will miss the opportunities to communicate here. If the person has no problem transferring the dialogue elsewhere (or if they offer to do so themselves), it is because they are interested in continuing the communication. It’s a good sign. But be careful! This is sometimes how scammers act who, under the cover of a link to a profile in an email or social network, can send you a malicious file.
  3. A new acquaintance often writes first and shows genuine interest in you: When someone regularly takes the initiative in your conversations, that’s also great. She writes first or calls (including by video), she can also simply wish you a good day or a good night for no reason. Such an initiative is a very powerful signal that the person likes you and wants to continue communication.
  4. A person suggests meeting in real life: The proposal to meet offline is proof that the person is attracted to you and wants to take your communication to the next level. If you have been talking for a long time and you: have confidence in your interlocutor, we recommend that you accept. If you sense that the person is rushing unnaturally, take your time. It could be a scammer or worse. Stay vigilant.
  5. Your interlocutor listens to you attentively and never interrupts you: Listening is a true art. If a person really listens to you without being distracted and supports the conversation in every possible way, you can be sure that he or she is interested and attracted to you. Conversely, if she constantly interrupts you and seems to just be waiting for her turn to speak, there’s a good chance that nothing good will come of your communication.

5 “red flags” that show reluctance to communicate

  1. Your new acquaintance never or almost never writes first: Of course, there are modest and shy people who don’t want to bother others and seem too intrusive. But if a person never writes first, as if forgetting about you, it begs the question: should you be the initiator of the next conversation every time? Believe us, sooner or later you will get tired of it. Sometimes it’s best for both of you to just stop communicating.
  2. A person often appears online, but does not read your message for a long time and does not respond: Excuses such as “I didn’t see the message” will not be accepted. Of course, it’s possible, but if your messages are constantly ignored and this person only responds after a few hours or even a day, you can safely stop communicating. Also pay attention to the time she responds to you. If it’s late in the evening or at night, the person may just hope that you are already asleep and won’t message them back while they are online.
  3. Your interlocutor gives monosyllabic answers and very rarely asks questions: Short answers such as “Yes”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “I see”, “Probably” and other similar answers clearly show that the person is not at all interested in the conversation. Don’t try to force her to talk by bombarding her with questions. She’s just not interested, don’t waste your time.
  4. Someone regularly interrupts your communication due to “urgent issues”: Everything is simple here: if a person does not have even 5-10 minutes a day to devote to you, his interest could not be lower. Should you continue to communicate with such a person? We don’t think it’s worth it. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are exceptions, so you shouldn’t get too hung up on them.
  5. Your interviewer is extremely reluctant to discuss the possibility of meeting in person and tries to quickly change the subject: If a person is not in the mood to be a friend, and they also do not want to be in a relationship, they will avoid a real meeting by any means possible. She will always have some excuses, she will try to postpone the meeting for an indefinite period, and then she may cut off communication completely when she finally comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t need it.
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Chat roulette: a service that will help you draw the right conclusions

As you can see, most of the positive signs and warning signs primarily relate to texting communication. Which is understandable, because by communicating live or at least via video, it will be much easier for you to evaluate dating prospects without resorting to additional tips and tricks.
social networks

Here are some popular online roulette chats to make your choice easier!

  • Azar — a chat roulette with the ability to stream, search for potential matches in the “Lounge” section, find new friends and simply have a good time.
  • Chatroulette — the first video roulette chat in history. A fairly well-known platform, but with very poor moderation.
  • CooMeet – A site popular chat roulette with a unique gender filter. CooMeet allows men to connect only with women and never goes wrong. Additionally, CooMeet has mobile apps for added convenience.
  • Omegle — another “pioneer” in the world of roulette chats. The site offers a search for contacts by language and by list of interests. Omegle does not have mobile apps.
  • Tinychat — it’s not really a chat roulette, but rather a streaming service. There you can watch other people’s streams or make your own online broadcasts, bringing together many viewers.
  • Chatous — a chat roulette which also offers the functions of classic messaging for exchanging messages and multimedia files. If these are the kinds of features you need, you’ll love Chatous.

This is just a small part of the popular roulette chats with thousands of users, there are actually many more. Although the basic functionality of most of them is very similar, there are also differences. Sometimes quite important. Therefore, we recommend trying different options, do not be afraid to experiment and discover something new.

Let’s summarize

Of course, there is no golden rule, according to which you could easily and objectively evaluate your interlocutor, their motivations and their desire to communicate with you. Every person is unique, and it can be very difficult to understand them.

Regardless, we hope that our tips and tricks will help you more objectively evaluate communication on the Internet. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t care about you. You will only make things worse for you and them. Sometimes you have to know how to stop in time, take a breath and move on. Sooner or later, you will find someone who will become your soul mate for the rest of your life. Well, we wish you to have pleasant meetings on the Web and get only positive emotions from communication!