Ces pilotes d'hélicoptère dans les jeux vidéo impressionneraient le Maverick de Top Gun lui-même

These Helicopter Pilots in Video Games Would Impress Top Gun’s Maverick Himself

Most video game vehicles share the same fate: ending up stamped and forgotten after a huge explosion. The only exceptions are usually simulators… and sometimes not even that. You don’t have to look far to find evidence. Only with Grand Theft Auto V and Online do we have examples to implement multiple seasons of 1000 Ways to Destroy a Vehicle.

Things get tricky for vehicles when you introduce them to war experiences. We are talking about Battlefield , Weapon 3 , Ghost Recognition , Warship World , World of Tanks , War Thunder …We are talking here about deliberate destruction, whether due to enemy fire or the lack of piloting skills of many soldiers.

For some reason, TikTok started recommending videos to me showing players maneuvering helicopters in video games. This led me to invest a good number of hours (more than I would like to admit) watching videos on the subject. I saved a few to share with you and here they are.

Heroes and villains, loved and hated: helicopter pilots

We rarely see players elevate piloting to the level of an art. Trustworthy people, who don’t use the helicopter to move around and then crash anywhere… with their companions. Heroes for their allies and villains for their enemies, especially when it comes to infantry. Helicopters whose maneuverability allows for real wonders.

The franchises of Battlefield Yes Weapon They have seen the birth of incredible helicopter pilots. It’s not difficult to find true marvels with any model, although I have a particular fascination with the AH-6 Little Bird from Battlefield 3/4 and the UH-60M Blackhawk from Weapon 3 .

It’s been eight years since Flavor shared this four-minute, seven-second stunner on YouTube. Use agile AH-6 Little Bird on the Zavod 311 map to enter and exit the two buildings that make up the center of the map under conquest. It destroys everything: both infantry and vehicles, zigzagging between irons and at ground level.

In a less aggressive, but equally warlike context, user Private Faandean shared a five minute and twenty second video (a year ago) in which he demonstrates his skills with a UH-60M Blackhawk d’Arma 3. It is dedicated to transporting troops from one place to another. Although it may not seem like a big deal, maneuvering at such a low altitude and landing so quickly is not an easy task in the war simulator.

And we come back with flavor and its brand new AH-6 Little Bird, but this time for Battlefield 3 . We go back a little further in time, 10 years ago, to see him perform breathtaking maneuvers in the Damavand Peak tunnel, between the ruined buildings of the Gulf of Oman and under the bridges of the canals of Noshahr. This guy is a phenomenon! Being your co-pilot or gunner must be awesome.

Continuing the back and forth characteristic of the publication, we return to the Blackhawk helicopter… but this time from the video game Team . It seems that players have a certain fascination with pilots who can drive them at high speed and low altitude, and who brake very suddenly using a maneuver that is extremely beautiful on screen, both from the pilot’s perspective and from the ground . User YungSladFlight makes his best landings in 2022.

What happens when two helicopter pilots with over 3,000 hours each come together? Team ? User MeatPlow790 offers us an answer that lasts almost nine minutes. They use troop transport helicopters and are dedicated to transporting troops from one location to another at breakneck speeds. They even perform a few acrobatics from time to time. Needless to say, they use the same technique to decelerate quickly and land as quickly as possible.

We’ve seen cases from Battlefield, Arma and Squad, but one legend is missing when it comes to flying gadgets: War Thunder . What do you think of seeing crazy Bruce Leeroy (in a good way) flying his G-LYNX helicopter with hotas, pedals and the great song Kickstart My Heart (Mötley Crüe) playing in the background? I think even the wildest dreams of most players aren’t enough to match his abilities. Legends say that he was forbidden to drive at low speed…

These are some of the drivers that have fascinated me the most during the time I’ve spent exploring this game mode. Whether in specialized video games like War Thunder or others where they are another cog in the war machine like Battlefield Yes Team the maneuvers are incredible.