Nelson Murdock

This change to the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 map offers clues about a possible long-awaited DLC

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 uses part of the New York map that we saw in Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. Now we know that Insomniac games Not only has it expanded the playable area, adding more districts, but it has also made changes to those we already had in previous versions.

Most of the heroes and villains who rule New York in Marvel are usually tied to a neighborhood. For example, Miles Morales with Brooklyn. This led fans to scour the city streets looking for winks…and they found them. The neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen He is related to lawyer Matt Murdock, known as Daredevil. The character’s fame skyrocketed with the Netflix (now Disney+) series starring Charlie Cox.

It turns out that in the first installments we were able to find Nelson and Murdock’s law firm in Hell’s Kitchen. However, things have changed in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 . The letters on the sign are missing, meaning they have been closed or moved.

Marvel’s Spider-Man / Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

That’s a good question. Be careful. Good find. -Bryan Intihar

IGN interviewed Bryan Intihar, senior creative director at Insomniac Games, about the disappearance. While his response (quote above) clearly doesn’t reveal any Daredevil-related DLC, the fact that he appreciates the discovery and tells us to be vigilant means that the disappearance is neither a random event nor an oversight. Additionally, Peter mentions a “lawyer friend” during the early stages of the story.

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