Ce joyau axé sur le multijoueur coopératif est sur le point d'arriver et vous ne gagnerez que si vous êtes une bonne personne avec un grand cœur

This co-op multiplayer focused gem is about to arrive and you will only win if you are a good person with a big heart

In addition to the most anticipated video games that arrive every month, from time to time other lesser-known gems appear that are also worth considering for their interesting proposals. One of them is that of KarmaZoo a title developed by Pastagames, responsible for games like Rayman Mini or Pix the Cat, among others, and which will be published by Devolver Digital.

With a pixelated feel and gameplay focused entirely on online cooperative multiplayer, Up to ten people can participate in the same game while controlling friendly animals. Everyone must form a team and combine their different skills in order to help each other no matter what, in order to overcome the phases that arise.

Depending on the number of players gathered, as well as the characters chosen or the advantages retained, the levels will vary in such a way that it will be practically impossible for there to be two identical games. And all this in order to obtain karma, which is the currency used to unlock additional characters or skills.

As is supposed to happen (or should happen) in real life, Doing good deeds and having a heart of gold means that karma rewards you. . To make sure you have any action that you can see with your eyes, just press a button so that you have already moved forward, so that the group forms an electric lock to illuminate a bomb or even sacrifice it to generate a tumba that serves as a platform for the rest.

Additionally, those who have no way to connect to online multiplayer will be able to resort to local multiplayer, in which case it has a capacity of eight players who compete in a series of mini-games. All of this November 14 When KarmaZoo is on sale for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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