Ce fascinant film de science-fiction est entièrement consacré au paradoxe temporel, filmé en un seul plan long.  Ça s'appelle Beyond the Two Infinite Minutes et c'est en streaming

This fascinating science fiction film is entirely devoted to the temporal paradox, filmed in a single long shot. It’s called Beyond the Two Infinite Minutes and it’s streaming

Sometimes time travel movies are a little confusing, but with a well-written storyline, they’re even more entertaining without making your head explode. We have one of the best examples with Beyond Two Infinite Minutes, a Japanese film from science fiction and with a good comic touch which premiered in 2020 and you can now watch streaming.

The plot begins when Kato, the owner of a cafe, discovers that the computer screen he has in his room is actually some kind of time machine. This is exactly what he discovers when he is shown on another screen what will happen in two minutes, so that he can communicate with your old self from two minutes ago .

Everything gets crazier when other characters enter the picture and one of them gets the idea to put a screen in front of the other. That’s when it happens a whole temporal paradox called the Droste effect to see what will happen in a few minutes. However, wanting to know what will happen beyond that will trigger another series of situations they will have to face.

In your free time, you’d do well to watch it, as it’s just over an hour long and flies by. In addition, another detail that makes it fascinating is the fact that It is shot entirely in a single sequence shot. and it only had a budget of $27,000, which is even more impressive. All this led to him winning several awards and even being nominated for best film at the Sitges Film Festival.

Watch Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes streaming

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Those who want to rent Beyond the infinite two minutes You have it available on Rakuten TV for 1.99 euros and on Apple TV, Prime Video and Google Play for 2.99 euros. On the other hand, those who choose to buy it directly can have it for 5.99 euros on Prime Video and Google Play and for 6.99 euros on Rakuten TV and Apple TV.