C'est le jeu avec lequel Wario a découvert l'énorme plaisir des micro-jeux.  Un festival de tests bien fous que vous proposez sur Nintendo Switch Online

This is the game with which Wario discovered the enormous pleasure of microgames. A festival of crazy tests that you offer on Nintendo Switch Online

Since his first appearance in Super Mario Land 2, we have seen Wario in a large number of video games. In many of them he has been another character and in others he has become the main character, leading him to become the protagonist of his own saga full of fun. This is how the splendid left us WarioWare, Inc.: mini-game madness .

It’s been exactly 20 years since this title of Game Boy Advance It was released in stores and since then the series has continued to receive new installments. Nevertheless, those of you who want to discover how it all began have the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent title thanks to the subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, which also gives you access to other works published on this legendary portable console. . .

In this first WarioWare The proposition has already been established, which has been a loyal mark, as players must overcome a long list of microgames that parade one after the other. Each of them It only takes a few seconds and is very intuitive. having to quickly observe what appears on the screen and the message that asks us to perform a specific action.

Without a doubt, reflexes are rewarded too much here, because sometimes pressing a button is more than enough, but on other occasions you also have to move something or perform both actions. In the long run, it’s not easy because the pace increases considerably and some microgames become more complicated, although that is precisely where the fun and excitement of trying to beat your own score lies.

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Furthermore, in this first WarioWare You will be able to meet various characters who since then do not want to miss any game in the saga, such as Jimmy T., Mona, 9-Volt with his Nintendo micro-games, Dribble and Spitz or Kat and Ana and many others. On the other hand, even though the gameplay is focused on the single-player experience, there are certain mini-games that can be played in the company of another person to share the fun with someone else.