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This is the video game of 2024 that I’m most looking forward to

Imagine that it is January 2024 and they give you an impossible gift: thanks to the art of birlibirloque, you will instantly receive the video game you want . Whatever it is and for the system you like the most. Boom! Of course, the only condition is that they are announced and their launch is viable within the next 12 months. Something reasonable, mind you. With this premise, which game would you choose? Those of us who write to you every day in this house (which is yours) know this very well.

At E.S News, we cannot perform miracles. Always. But we can invite you to look at the new year with particular optimism after the good and the bad that a relentless 2023 left us with. Which was full of wonderful surprises, joys and resounding disappointments. For this reason, we have collected in one place the 2024 game that each of us is looking forward to the most. Leaving you the last word as always, in the comments.

What will be the next adventure that Juan Sanmartín will embark on? What new troubles will Alberto find himself in? What new fishing will Rubén discover for us? What is Sergio’s biggest wish? What video game keeps Iván in suspense? Well, I can tell you that the game that the person writing these words to you is most looking forward to won’t get into many pools; But the beautiful thing is that in one way or another we are all excited about different and, at the same time, really special projects. Because, as you will see, 2024 is already showing the way.

Alberto wants the apocalypse to arrive in 2024! That of STALKER 2, of course

I have my list of video games due for 2024 waiting to be updated for weeks and I don’t know if I want to do it. I don’t know about you, but 2024 is looking really good for me in terms of launches. And since I don’t want to end up banging my head against the keyboard trying in vain to choose just one video game to look forward to next year, I chose the first one I thought of when we my request .

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl is one of my most anticipated video games of 2024. It is scheduled for release in the first quarter of the year. I haven’t played his first adventures, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Yes Pripyat’s call although I have seen many live shows and videos of the Anomaly mod and have not yet tried the GAMA modpack of the same.

I am an inveterate fan of the Metro saga (books and video games), the post-apocalyptic settings close to reality and the style of play it offers. TRACKER 2 , especially when it comes to shooting and survival. I’ve seen each of their trailers and gameplays at least 10 times. I just pray that they are as good as they look and that they catch me like I hope they will.

Juan Sanmartín bets on a surprise reunion (in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth)

The start of 2024 won’t be far behind what has been the first quarter of a great 2023. There are plenty of reasons to be excited, but I’d be wrong if my choice was anything other than Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The return of Cloud, Tifa, Barret and company This is the type of adventure I want to play and it’s appearing in dribs and drabs in the industry. AAA with a great poster and a return to one of the most relevant video games of all time.

Beyond being a fan of Kingdom Hearts, I understand the criticisms of Tetsuya Nomura in many of his works, but I decided to jump on the ship without complexes that began to sail in 2020 under his captain. The revision of the classic story and the new range of possibilities available to us are too juicy to pass up.

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Rubén Márquez’s body demands a Zenless Zone Zero, and we have to agree with him

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I managed to escape anything that smacks of HoYoverse and pachinko for years, but I was fully aware that dodging that bullet had more to do with the aesthetic and approach of those games than their probability of hanging on if I gave it a chance. .

This will change with Zero zone without zen . An action RPG game with hints of hack’n slash and the possibility of getting lost in it without pretension, as a way to disconnect and come back to see what’s new from time to time? Well, for some strange reason, at this point in my life, I really want it, so when I choose something original on this list, I will choose ZZZ.

Sergio crosses his toes so that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II coming soon

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The truth is that it was difficult for me to keep just one game among all those announced for 2024. The year hasn’t even started and there are already some very powerful throws . Nonetheless, the one I’ve been dying to play since day one of its announcement is Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, as Ninja Theory has actively and passively admitted that it will launch next year. Just in case, I’m crossing my toes that this comes true.

Its first part already seemed very epic to me, but this sequel has continued to win me over with each new video who has been published. The best of all that left me speechless was the one that was presented a few years ago, at the 2021 Game Awards, with that first six-minute gameplay and breathtaking cinematic sequences. And it is clear that the game is developed under Unreal Engine 5 to achieve greater realism and simply exceptional quality.

Its last trailer was not to be outdone either and it even seems that this time there will be even more action. In any case, it is very clear to me that The Saga of Senua: Hellblade II This is a game I don’t plan to miss and I’ll be there from day one to enjoy this promising sequel.

Iván González is split between two indies: Hollow Knight: Silksong and Earth Blade

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The truth is that 2023 has been such a good year for the industry that, if we compare it to 2024, it is true that there are no long-awaited launches. However, there is one category that I would like to highlight for next year: India .

Among the games I’m most looking forward to is of course Hollow Knight: Silksong. Yes, I know nothing is confirmed and we might be left without new content for another year and waiting for it to come out, but I hope Cherry Team was able to move up an extra gear in 2023 and we will be able to enjoy this Metroidvania next year.

On the other hand, another independent film I’m looking forward to is Earth Blade , another Metroidvania (sorry, I love this genre) which, although it only has a presentation trailer, the studio behind the game is Extremely OK Games, the one in charge of making one of the titles that I like the most since. I played it, Celeste. If at least they give me the same sensations as this game, I will be satisfied.

Frankie asks for the improbable in 2024: Beyond Good and Evil 2. Although he has an excellent alternative in mind

Beyond Good and Evil 2

I come back to this fantasy that I mentioned at the beginning before giving you the floor. If the video game I wanted appeared before me simply by wishing for it, whatever it was, I wouldn’t hesitate: Beyond Good and Evil 2. An impossible wish? The truth is that no date has been given and the only thing announced is the update of the original, but I’m holding on with extra optimism to the return of Jade and Zerdy.

Michel Ancel’s latest work captivated me from its cover letter. I’ve been waiting for it even before its first official trailer and despite its early announcement, what captivates me most about Ubisoft Montpellier’s great space pirate RPG is the way it represents everything that I want to find it in a video game. The fantasy of adventure and the emotion of exploration with generous humor and underlying spice.

The good news is that Ubisoft won’t leave me without most of these same sensations: in early 2024 we will have Star Wars Outlaws, a game that the galactic saga has been asking for for too long. With a story without laser swords, but in which the picaresque, the action and the adventure will benefit from special treatment and formulas invented by the French company. Those who, in one way or another, end up marking the times of each year in the video game industry.