Guerre moderne 3

This is what Activision isn’t offering with Modern Warfare 3 and what Microsoft could save

It’s stupid to tell a multi-billion dollar company how to do things. If they do it, it is because they hope to profit from it. Some succeed even if they go against the grain of public opinion, like EA Sports FC 24, and others end up showing surprising ineffectiveness despite being, more or less, in line with this what is expected of them. What happened recently with Bungie and Destiny is a good example of this.

In the middle sits Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, leaving us orphaned from popcorn shots and focusing on gaming as a service in a strategy that doesn’t seem to be working badly at all. It’s stupid to shout for nothing hoping that Activision o Microsoft listen to you and decide to create the Call of Duty it’s in your head. And yet, here we are.

The battle between numbers and public opinion

The previous Modern Warfare 2 did it Billions of dollars in its first 10 days, it became the best-selling game of last year. With what face I tell these people that what I want is something else with the money they pocket. Frankly? What comes to mind is that a billion dollars is a very long time.

Call of Duty Warzone works. Few games as a service manage to last more than a year and still remain popular with people. I myself was hooked on a good season in its early days, and some of the best recent afternoons playing with friends have been spent here. But I don’t want it in a campaign that I became addicted to for other reasons.

Go with the fancy suits if that’s what people’s pockets are calling for. Except in the case of DMZ there seems to be no complaints here about their business model, so if that’s what makes money Activision and with that you can make more and better games – remember what I have in mind – so go for it.

The problem is excluding those of us who have been playing it for years for other reasons. But of course, keeping in mind that 22% of players completed the WWII campaign after we completed it, with the hope that it would bring us back to the world. Second World War things are better understood

But in these percentages, in the nearly 30% of players who completed a Black Ops exceeding 30 million units sold, or in the 35% of players who did the same with the Titanfall 2 campaign, there is a good handful of people.

The fact is that we have just seen the Eiffel Tower fall, crawled through Pripyat while taking the road, slowed down passes like Nada de Ruso which ended up becoming cult… There is nothing like hauntings from Call of Duty. You may like them more or less, but there is no denying that what they did, they did well. You don’t become a multi-million dollar franchise overnight with marketing alone. We’ve already seen a lot of them hit there.

Mi Perfecto Call of Duty

The photos, even today, cause a tremendous sensation. I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on PC with fear of not being able to enjoy it and, although my PC is nothing special, it looks amazing. I tried playing with the PS5 controller to see if there was room for any quirk in the vibration and it’s crazy. One of the best experiences you can have with a shooter today, both visually and by touch.

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But despite this legacy within reach, despite having more than secured the Warzone cake and that of those who opt for multiplayer, the decision seems to be one of wanting to calm enthusiasm for the campaign. And this despite seeing 50% of players on Steam ready to complete the campaign of the previous part.

The experiments work for them, and with 1 billion imaginary dollars in my head, make a Call of Duty Idyllic doesn’t seem far-fetched. To the HUB which is already the application Cod Today – note if it didn’t also eat up a good portion of the hard drive – Homer’s car is barely missing a handful of spoilers. A playable Frankenstein’s monster that in my imagination looks like this:

  • A Warzone that continues its momentum. Renew the cards, put the heroes of the 90s as bait, and stay in their enclosure without contaminating the others too much. The least possible.
  • A multiplayer in the wake of Call of Duty Mobile. Free on all platforms and with the only drawback that someone dressed as Spawn jumps in your face. I can survive this. With cards that are added per season, without disappearing. A growing collection of scenarios that, based on voting by completing groups before starting a game, would offer almost infinite multiplayer. I would ask them to leave it to Treyarch and that it was imperative that three-way maps be their design standard, but even in my imagination there are battles that I already consider lost.
Cod Zombies

  • Classic and renewed zombies. Those that also appeal to those who want a War zone with infected people like those of us who enjoyed our escape from Alcatraz. They can be complementary without having to keep up with other multiplayers. I’ll settle for two of these little campaigns full of secrets and Easter eggs. Two a year… Or even one has signed you at this point.
  • A popcorn campaign . Annual – or even biannual -, a pack which includes these same zombies and arrives at a reduced price. Back to vehicle chases, infiltrations and slow-motion jumps. Modern Warfare 2 won’t always be released, but even in tired franchises there’s room for resurrection. More time and investment can’t hurt a Call of Duty who already has a more than assured share of the pie

Some of us continue to dream of a Call of Duty very precise and it would be enriching to also know what yours are. I hope that the effusion with which Microsoft seems to want to conquer the public and serve as a pretext for someone Activision I wake up one day wanting to do one Call of Duty even better and more complete than what we have in mind.