Pokémon GO - Nouveaux graphismes

This is what it will look like throughout this year

Pokémon GO is approaching its eight year mark and it seems that Niantic thought it was time to give a facelift to the graphics section of the successful mobile video game. Its intention is to introduce some visual changes this will be reflected in certain aspects of the game to make it even better.

At the moment, some tests are underway for a small group of users, who have not hesitated to share screenshots of their games so that we can see what the title will soon look like. For example, the biggest novelty will be that the map This will better detect what we have around us so that it is better reflected on the screen.

As you can see in the following images, the background of the capture screen will be different from the current one to now leave us with a meadow, a river in the background or even buildings, depending on where we are. This same thing will also appear in battles against Team GO Rocket or in which our avatar will appear to celebrate victory or defeat in a fight.

In addition, it will not be simple images, since in one of the shared videos you can see that the water in the rivers will move, as well as the clouds in the sky to give it greater realism. Indeed, when buildings appear in the background, you can see that their windows light up when it is dark.

On the other hand, the map itself will also be updated so that we can even better appreciate what we have nearby , which will make the fields greener and even bushes will emerge along the way. However, no date has been given for this major update which will gradually affect all countries in the world.

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