Ce joueur de Starfield possède une arme si puissante qu'elle devrait être interdite par la Convention intergalactique de Genève

This Starfield Player Has a Weapon So Powerful It Should Be Banned by the Intergalactic Geneva Convention

No video game company treats shotgun better than Bethesda. It has been like this throughout history: Loss , Wolfenstein , To fall and now Starfield. And that doesn’t happen in Skyrim because there isn’t one! Space Delivery has several versions of this weapon and they are all powerful, but there is one creation in particular that should be banned by the Intergalactic Geneva Convention.

Reddit user u/iSwearSheWas56 shares a video in which he shows off the disproportionate power of his shotgun… although it only has the appearance of a shotgun, since the firing mode can be more akin to cluster bombing from a fighter or helicopter. “My new favorite weapon, I’m pretty sure it’s banned by the Geneva Convention.”

Contrary to what it seems, this is not a mod. This can be achieved with the base game. All you need is a Coachman double-barreled shotgun, which can easily be purchased at Akila Town , with the Hornet Nest weapon modification. It is necessary to have level 3 in the ability to modify weapons to access this improvement. To this must be added the damage improvements for shotguns.

In short: this player Star Field He has in his hands a hunting rifle capable of bombarding very large areas with cluster munitions. If this is what horror looks like outdoors, it’s best not to imagine the madness that this type of ammunition causes indoors.

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