Tips for renewing a fixed-term contract

A fixed-term contract is renewable in certain specific circumstances. At the end of the initial term, a clause must be inserted into the contract indicating the renewal. In addition, a “waiting period” is established between each fixed-term contract on the same position within the organization.

How does the process of renewing a fixed-term contract work?

A fixed-term contract can be renewed by amendment, that is to say an additional document to the contract which notes a modification, adaptation or addition to the contract which has been agreed by both parties. To make this amendment, it is advisable to consult an online model using an example so as not to forget certain mentions or simply to save time.

Prepare for CDD renewal

For the agreement to be executed, employees and employers must have previously agreed on the principle of renewal. This agreement is formalized by a clause in the employment contract.

The contract ends when the reason for which it was intended occurs, such as the return of an absent employee or the end of a season. In this case, it is not necessary to include a condition for renewal. Extension criteria must be included in the contract or in an addition to the contract. They specify the duration and frequency. In several circumstances, the second phase differs from the first. It can be more or less short, as long as the maximum duration is always respected.

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The conditions which allow the renewal of the CDD

The fixed-term contract cannot be renewed if it is executed for an uncertain duration, for example, to replace an absent employee or to suspend an employee’s employment contract. Previously, a fixed-term contract could only be renewed once during its lifespan. The possibility of extending a fixed-term contract twice applies to contracts concluded from August 2015.

cdd contract frequently asked questions


How to announce that you are not renewing the contract?

After ending a fixed-term contract, the employer is advised to notify the employee of its termination by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in order to avoid a subsequent dispute.

Why a waiting period?

It is important to note that the waiting period between two fixed-term contracts preserves the specificity of this form of employment contract, which is less protective than the permanent contract. As a fixed-term employee, you must know the definition, duration and exceptions to the waiting period, as well as your rights and means of defense.

How long is a replacement contract?

The replacement fixed-term contract has a variable lifespan, meaning it can last several months. It depends on the reason for which the company employs a replacement employee. However, with the exception of two circumstances, its maximum duration is 18 months.

How many times can a fixed-term contract be renewed?

Only fixed-term fixed-term contracts can be extended beyond their initial period. In practice, the law provides for a maximum of two renewals, the duration of each renewal varying depending on the reasons for using the CDD. In accordance with Macron laws, industry conventions or agreements can now allow a higher number of contract renewals, provided that the maximum duration of the fixed-term contract is respected.