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Top 30 best action movies to watch on Netflix

If you need ideas for your movie nights, the following suggestions may inspire you. This ranking brings together recent films, but also classics to watch again on Netflix. There are romances, comedy, a bit of thrillers, and above all action. Prepare the popcorn and make way for the 7th art!

30 “The Old Guard” (2020)

In “The Old Guard,” immortal warriors are among humanity. They have always helped in the fight against evil. Although they are discreet, guardians are becoming easier to recognize, particularly because of technology. This synopsis is taken from a comic book which has the same title as the feature film.

The story of the guardians was born from the imagination of Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez. The cast includes several cinema icons, including actress Charlize Theron. The press speaks of this feature film as an original cinematographic work. It’s not yet an institution like “Highlander,” but the franchise is getting close.

29 “How it ends” (2018)

Forming a united couple, Will and Samantha are swimming in complete happiness. The duo is expecting a child, but the husband has a difficult relationship with Tom, his wife’s father. The parent-in-law blames his son-in-law for depriving him of his little daughter by taking her away from him. The tension between the two men is at its height when a cataclysm hits the American west coast.

Despite their disagreement, Tom and Will are forced to come to an agreement to save the lives of Samantha and her baby. Director David M. Rosenthal skillfully mixes melodrama with science fiction in this thriller-tinged film. It remains breathtaking without being a blockbuster.

28 “The End of the World” (2019)

“Le Bout du monde” is the second film by director McG released on Netflix after “The Babysitter”. He adopts a humorous and jovial tone. This action-adventure feature film tells the journey of three teenagers who do not know each other before being linked by destiny. Alex (Jack Gore) is adept with his computer. His mother sends him to summer camp to wean him off screens.

The young enthusiast of the international space station meets ZhenZhen (Miya Cech) and Dariush (Benjamin Floresh Jr). The trio made up of two boys and a girl has no time to enjoy their vacation. The aliens are coming and the teenagers will be too busy saving the world.

27 “The Ridiculous 6” (2015)

Carried by Adam Sandler, “The Ridiculous 6” is a comedy with a very imaginative script. The hero of “Hotel Transylvania” and “Funny People” plays a man who goes to investigate his father. Tommy, an orphan raised by Apache Indians, learns that he has 5 brothers and sisters. All together, the siblings venture into the Far West in their father’s footsteps.

The remaining wild part of the Americas has many surprises in store for the ridiculous 6. This is a parody of the great western classics. Adam Sandler’s crazy script is felt in this comedy-adventure with unpredictable turns. The humor even takes on a whole new dimension with the participation of Terry Crews.

26 “Hostile Zone” (2021)

“Hostile Zone” is an action film directed by Damson Idris. He takes on the role of Harp, a military drone pilot sent to difficult terrain following the failure of his previous mission. The soldier is placed under Leo’s wings, within an elite unit. As the battles progress, the stubborn hero realizes that the commando leader is too efficient to be a human. His intuition is good. The character played by Anthony Mackie is indeed a humanoid robot. Together, they will save the world against an apocalyptic extermination plan.

Very recent, “Hostile Zone” is an action film tinged with science fiction. This masterpiece by Mikael Håfström transports us to a near future where the American military joins hands with the peacekeepers, the armed force of the United Nations. Echoing current events, the conflict is taking place in Eastern Europe.

25 “No Man Nor God” (2018)

“No Man No God” takes place in the depths of Alaska. Following a request from a mother in distress, Russell Core set out on a mission to find an 8-year-old boy lost in the wild. Played by Jeffrey Wright, the wolf specialist will confront the harsh reality of the endless winter night of the Far North. The thriller takes on an action film dimension when the father of the lost child returns home after his military service abroad.

Entitled “Hold the Dark” in English, this feature film is reminiscent of “The Revenant” with Leonardo Di Caprio. This production by Jeremy Saulnier also recalls sequences from “Dances with Wolves”. Although a good part of the story takes place in the dark, this film allows us to learn more about the northern night where many predators prowl.

24 “Point Blank” (2019)

This thriller follows Paul Boker, an emergency room doctor whose wife was kidnapped from his home. To free his pregnant wife with their child, the hero played by Anthony Mackie must give in to the kidnappers’ demands. The latter force him to help the escape of a criminal admitted to his hospital. It is a remake of the French film released in 2010. The role of the victim is played by Marcia Gay Harden, an actress who has already won an Oscar.

The synopsis is quite faithful to that of the feature film “At Point Blank”. However, director Joe Lynch allowed himself the freedom to accelerate the pace of the story. The scenario contains many twists and turns that are not in the original work. There are some interesting action sequences. This is understandable with an actor from Marvel studio (Anthony Mackie) in the lead.

23 “Sweet Girl” (2021)

This film demonstrates that Jason Momoa can take on roles other than that of Aquaman. He trades his superhero costume for the appearance of ordinary family man Ray Cooper under the direction of Brian Adrew Mendoza. The life of the main protagonist of “Sweet Girl” turns into a family tragedy when his wife Amanda was diagnosed with cancer.

Ray and his daughter Rachel stay at a dying mother’s bedside in hopes of finding a new treatment. Doctors have enrolled the patient in an experimental program that could save her. Only, things turn to disillusionment when the pharmaceutical company removes it from the list. The husband in distress then turns into a commando to track down and punish those responsible for this change with fatal results. His quest leads him to face the mafia and professional assassins.

22 “Close” (2019)

“Close” follows Sam, a security expert hired to be the bodyguard of a wealthy heiress to a large fortune. The heroine carried by Noomi Rapace will then come up against men who want to kidnap Zoe. The former counter-terrorism ace will use all his skills to ensure the survival of the unique future of a commercial empire coveted by many enemies.

This thriller is distinguished by its breathtaking pace which makes it an action film. It opens a window into the profession of close guards. Noomi Rapace the actress plays her big game with great intensity. This fiction features spectacular stunts and hand-to-hand combat choreography reminiscent of the Chinese film “So Close”.

21 “Project Power” (2020)

As its title suggests, this fiction is about capsules which give superpowers to those who swallow them. Almighty lasts only 5 minutes, but it will be more than enough to serve a desperate cause. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman set their story in New Orleans. In the streets of an ordinary town, a former soldier has heard the news and is pursuing the trail of the superhero pill.

“Project Power” is a blockbuster with lots of heists and special effects. Netflix did not skimp on the budget for this feature film with an atypical storyline. The platform even offered itself a remarkable 5-star cast with actors such as Jamie Foxx the hero of “Miami Vice” and Joseph Gordon-Levitt from “500 Days Together” in the cast. This film was praised by a large audience.

20 “The Harder They Fall” (2021)

“The Harder They Fall” takes place in the Wild West. In the heart of the deep Americas, Rufus Buck is a ruthless outlaw at the head of a horde of assassins. The evil character played by Idris Elba kills the parents of young Nat Love. The gang even carved a cross into the boy’s forehead. The latter himself became a criminal as an adult.

20 after the fact, Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) meets Rufus. The murderer of his parents is serving a life sentence, but the avenger finds a way to make him escape to make him pay punishments commensurate with his grudge. Director Jeymes Samuel had a large budget for this Quentin Tarantino-style Western. The formula mixing acting and narration makes this feature film particularly captivating.

19 “Psychokinesis” (2018)

Played by Ryu Seung-ryong, Shin Seok-hyeon is an ordinary and uneventful person until the day he drinks water from a stream which gives him superpowers. What was just supposed to quench his thirst during a short walk in the mountains initially hurts his stomach. Then, man realizes that he can move objects at a distance with the sole force of his thought. He will use this gift of telekinesis to help his daughter in distress.

“Psychokinesis” did well at the box office. This feature film by filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho uses the codes of American superhero films, but with a Korean touch that makes it different. The storyline is very imaginative without being far-fetched. This work also paints the complexity of a father-daughter relationship.

18 “6 Underground” (2019)

Six wealthy people have set themselves the goal of simulating the circumstances of their death in order to act incognito. They have also assembled a team of elite fighters to counter global criminals. The commandos’ mission is to eliminate the president of Turgistan. The 6 people who ordered this attack want to replace him with his own brother whom they consider more peaceful.

“6 Underground” is a creation by Michael Bay. The director of “Aramagedon” regains his bearings with grandiose scenes and sequences rich in emotion. The final result is very well done, especially with an engaging soundtrack. The action film is carried by Ryan Reynolds, the star of “Deadpool”. This is a first in an entire franchise to come. The cast includes some well-known faces, including Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent and Ben Hardy.

17 “Thriller” (2019)

Known as the Black Kaiser, Duncan Vizla is a ruthless hitman. He has always executed the targets stipulated in the contract which binds him to his boss. The dark character should receive a nice retirement, but the person behind his actions decides his fate differently. He sends his best assassins to eliminate Black Kaiser. The whole story then turns into a confrontation between professionals of organized crime.

With an intriguing soundtrack and well-choreographed action scenes, “Polar” offers great old-fashioned cinema. His hero brought to the screen by Mads Mikkelsen opposite showbiz star Vanessa Hudgens. Their respective games are enhanced by meticulous special effects. Although reviews of this feature film remain lukewarm, this work by Jonas Åkerlund is worth a look. Its twist ending is worth watching until the end.

16 “Tiger and Dragon 2” (2016)

Fighting enthusiasts are served with “Tiger and Dragon 2”. This action film features perfectly choreographed fight scenes. The synopsis follows a martial arts master at the head of a faction tasked with safeguarding a legendary sword coveted by the forces of evil. The character played by Michelle Yeoh will then confront the warlord who wishes to seize the relic. The role of the villain is played by Jason Scott Lee.

The first part of this martial arts film was released 20 years ago. The director allowed himself all the time necessary to create a work capable of competing with “Tiger and Dragon”. In addition to the blows and kung-fu holds, this second opus is enriched by a love dilemma and the eternal duality between good and evil.

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15 “Spencer Confidential” (2020)

Spencer (Mark Wahlberg) is a former police officer who has just served his prison sentence. Upon his release, he decided to return to service in the ghettos of Boston. Alongside a former MMA freestyle fighting champion, he solves a case of an atrocious murder that made headlines. Very quickly, the people involved in the case threatened him. The peacekeeper will have to fight against powerful enemies.

This umpteenth collaboration between director Peter Berg and Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg resulted in a good action film. The result lives up to “Deepwater Horizon” and “Patriots Day”. These two blockbusters were released in 2016. “Spenser Confidential” follows the same style, but with spectacular fighting scenes.

13 “Bleach” (2018)

Young Ichigo Kurosaki is capable of seeing ghosts. This mediumistic gift has haunted him since his childhood. He even leads her to fight against the spirit that had taken her sister. After this quest, he accidentally received from Kuri, the angel of death, the power to reap souls to take him to the other world. He takes the opportunity to exterminate bad people.

Carried by Sota Fukushi, “Bleach” is a Japanese fantasy film. It’s part of a whole series. Far from being a children’s tale, this feature film is action-packed. This co-production by Tite Kubo and Daisuke Habara explores for the umpteenth time the fight between dark forces and angels. The rather realistic angle of attack was praised by spectators, particularly fans of manga culture.

12 “Bright” (2017)

Will Smith plays police officer Daryl Ward in “Bright”. In the fantasy universe of this fiction, he must establish order in a city where humans live alongside disdainful elves and orcs with bad tempers. The peacekeeper even happens to reason with centaurs. One day on ordinary patrol, he comes across a crime with several victims.

“Bright” enters the great classic of two police officers in pairs. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton play an unlikely human-orc duo. As in “Bad Boys” and other films of the same genre, the tension between the teammates is palpable at the start of their collaboration, but they end up liking each other. This film by David Ayer is an offbeat allegory about discrimination and hatred towards law enforcement.

11 “Triple Frontier” (2019)

Action movie fans are served with “Triple Frontier”. This film tells what is happening in the area separating Brazil from Paraguay and Argentina. This hub of illicit substances generates millions of dollars. The drug squad sends Santiago Gomez to investigate. He is accompanied by former members of the special forces for this mission. The confrontation with the local cartel promises to be merciless.

“Triple Frontier” is a resounding commercial success for Netflix. The casting led by Ben Affleck won over subscribers of the video-on-demand platform. The actions are brought to life thanks to actors of the caliber of Oscar Isaac (“Drive”) and Pedro Pascal (“Kingsman: The Golden Circle”) in the cast. The initial budget of 80 million dollars increased to 115 million greenbacks, but the final result remains very explosive.

10 “Wheelman” (2017)

Frank Grillo plays Wheelman, a gang driver. A robbery gone wrong forces him to flee with the car and a large sum of money that has just been stolen. The driver decides to investigate the circumstances of this fiasco. Betrayed, he even has difficulty trusting his own daughter, a 14-year-old teenager.

Director Jeremy Rush shows all the talent he has in store with this very first feature film. “Wheelman” takes the ingredients of the gangster film with a heist of the century, a betrayal and the run. With its breathtaking rhythm and rather crude vocabulary, it inspired a video game which took its title.

9 “The Green Line” (2000)

Inspired by the eponymous novel by Stephen King, “The Green Line” plunges into a parallel universe anchored in reality. The film follows Paul Edgecomb, a head penitentiary at Cold Mountain Prison. The prison guard is attracted by the John Coffey affair. This prisoner is a giant with the soul of a child condemned to the death penalty for murder and abuse of minors.

Under the direction of Frank Darabont, Tom Hanks plays a tough police officer on the outside, but full of empathy deep inside. He shares the bill with Michael Clarke Duncan in this feature film which is both moving and fanciful. This story is a tribute from the horror film specialist to the death penalty. It also addresses the cause of blacks in prisons.

8 “The Night Comes for Us” (2018)

This film by Timo Tjahjanto immerses spectators in the world of the yakuza. A member of the triad is responsible for exterminating the members of a family, but he breaks the rule by sparing the life of a young girl. This gesture full of empathy is an opening to possible redemption. However, this moment of weakness will cost him dearly since an entire criminal organization will hunt him down.

“The Night Comes for Us” is not just an action film focused on martial arts. He is also a police officer. It even borrows the codes of the thriller. The bloody scenes are not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but this Indonesian fiction has still received rave reviews from spectators.

7 “Sand Castle” (2017)

A troop of US Army soldiers carry out an operation in a landlocked village in Iraq. The unit is responsible for supplying the town with drinking water. However, the attackers make it clear to the men in fatigues that they are not in conquered territory. The residents also oppose this foreign presence. Their confidence crumbles like a sandcastle. The humanitarian mission turns to dissuading recalcitrant villagers.

A true modern-day war film, “Sand Castle” is directed by Nicolas Hoult. The feature film highlights other forgotten facets of the war and the American occupation in Iraq. The scenario demonstrates how a simple difference of opinion can inflame the situation. Filmmaker Fernando Coimbra also adds gunfights and explosive action sequences.

6 “Spectral” (2016)

A little gem in the Netflix catalog, “Spectral” takes place in war-ravaged Moldova. This fiction tells the evolution of an elite SEAL unit. The team has been decimated by creatures who exterminate all their antagonists. Dr. Mark Clyne is desperate to unravel the mystery. The scientist engaged in the development of biological weapons will uncover the secrets of the enemies and provides assistance to a CIA Delta Force troop.

James Badge Dale stars in this feature film which mixes commando action with science fiction. Horror elements have also been added to make it a story full of twists and turns. Director Nic Mathieu signs a masterpiece which receives an excellent reception from critics.

5 “Uncut gems” (2020)

“Uncut Gems” is a film by the Safdie brothers starring Adam Sandler. This headliner slips under the skin of Howard Ratner, a New York jeweler drawn into the world of sports betting. The hero gets into debt and must do everything possible to escape his creditors. His destiny reaches out to him when a Boston Celtics player enters his store. The meeting with basketball player Kevin Garnett coincides with the arrival of a delivery of extremely rare precious stones from Ethiopia.

This feature film mixes all cinematographic genres on screen with a good dose of action. There is also a pinch of humor and suspense in the story. The frantic pace of the scenario keeps the viewer in suspense in this work that is difficult to classify. The cast includes the real Kevin Garnett, but also singer The Weekend who plays himself.

4 “Tyler Rake: Extraction” (2020)

Tyler Rake is a mercenary who fears nothing and no one. The lone hero is tasked by a mafia boss to save his son who has just been kidnapped. The kingpin himself is in prison, but continues to manage his criminal affairs. Which confronts him with dangerous drug traffickers and ruthless arms dealers. These frequentations of the boss do not facilitate the mission of extracting his child.

Under the direction of Sam Hargrave, Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of the intrepid Tyler Rake. It brings to life a hardened protagonist at the heart of unexpected twists and turns. This second part of a trilogy includes memorable sequence shots. The dynamic cast and thrilling chases make this a great action film to watch on Netflix.

3 “The Highwaymen” (2019)

Kevin Costner is Frank Hamer in “The Higwaymen”. In the 1930s, this ranger hunted bank robbers. Alongside his teammate Manny Gault, the sleuth is mandated by American justice to track down the legendary bandits Bonnie and Clyde. The Texan grandpas ended up putting an end to the run of the legendary outlaw couple.

This policeman is a production of John Lee Hancock. It is a classic that has been repeated many times in the cinema, but with each new film, the emotion and excitement always remain the same in front of a deeply in love duo who brave the world. Like so many others, this film is based on a news item that marked the history of the United States. Dealing with the same subject, “Highwaymen, Infernal Pursuit” was released in 2004.

3 “Outlaw King” (2018)

Robert the Bruce is a Scottish monarch who devoted part of his life to fighting for the independence of his country. The feature film is based on a historical story, without being a documentary. It’s a beautiful work with epic scenes. A horde of outlaws helps a rebellious ruler conquer his kingdom captured by the English.

This work by David Mackenzie fairly faithfully recounts the political conflicts in the time of Robert Bruce (1274-1329). The latter acceded to the throne of Scotland in 1300 and reigned for almost 3 decades. Broadcast on Netflix, the historical film received more than 80% positive votes. It borrows the style of Mel Gibson’s lyrical feature film entitled “Braveheart”.

2 “Beasts of No Nation” (2015)

Agu is a child soldier who was forcibly conscripted. After the death of his family, he actively participated in the civil war which tore his country apart. Accepted by the mercenaries, the hero has a front-row seat to witness the atrocities of combat. Violence and gratuitous cruelty are part of his daily life. Under the wings of an armed militia leader.

The role of the child soldier is taken on by the talented actor Abraham Attah. He plays alongside Idris Elba who plays the charismatic Commander. This American feature film was shot in Ghana and received an award at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. It highlighted the expertise of director Carey Fukunaga who has already directed “True Detective” in the past. “Beasts of No Nation” is adapted from a novel by his compatriot, Nigerian author Uzodinma Iweala.

1 “Red Notice” (2021)

Criminals from all walks of life want to get their hands on golden eggs studded with precious stones. These gems were a gift from the Roman conqueror Mark Antony to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The F.B.I. seizes the case and mandates special agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) to protect this treasure. He is confronted with the ruse of art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). The two men are also duped by an unsuspected trafficker covered by a badge. This double agent is played by Gal Gadot (“Wonderwoman”).

With a 5-star cast, “Red Notice” is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. The video-on-demand platform spent more than $200 million on this action feature film focused on espionage and international relations. Success was not long in coming. The work of Rawson Marshall Thurber shatters the SVOD record with its 278 million hours of viewing (paid) in 10 days.