Top 5 Direct Movie Download Sites 2022

To legally download multimedia content, there are entirely dedicated platforms. If you want to have access to the most popular films of 2022, we have selected these 5 direct download sites for you. You can download both legal and copyrighted content through these platforms.

The direct download sites of 2022 to favor

Zone-Telechargement: the preferred site for downloading content

It’s via that budding pirates download content directly. This is the only link via which the site is accessible. Moreover, you can find practically all the content of the moment there. Zone-Telechargement or ZT has gone through many difficult phases: site not listed on Google, blocking by ISPs, various complaints… However, we still find it on the web.

Extreme Download: a benchmark in DDL

In terms of direct downloading or DDL, Extreme Download is also one of the references. This site offers the opening of a free or Premium account allowing you to download content quickly. If you decide to go for the Premium account, the rates are affordable and you can download multiple movies at once.

LibertyVF: an ergonomic site

The general public can freely download content on LibertyVF. This DDL platform stands out for its fluid use. Current films and series are displayed on the first page of the site, to facilitate your searches. To watch a film or download content from the site, however, use a VPN so that HADOPI does not detect your actions. to download movies in Torrent

This French site offers a catalog that is particularly rich in content. You also have the possibility of finding cartoons, shows, reports and ebooks among others. Corrupted links are filtered on this website to make your life easier.

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Wawacity: the best DDL site… without its ads

At the head of the largest direct download sites, Wawacity offers both recent and old films. This free HD streaming movie site is easy to use. Its content is classified by category: films, series, magazines, music… you will find your way easily. You can view your content directly there, provided you use a VPN.

What about Down sites?


This forum encourages sharing between users regarding the replacement of dead links. You must register to be able to communicate with other users. There are films, music, ebooks, etc. This forum is ranked among the best direct download sites.

Planet Series

This site exclusively offers series. Registration is not obligatory. On this site, you can select several links at once to download your content. Note, however, that the site was shut down after the conviction of its administrator.

Down Paradise

You must register to access this forum. Thanks to its system, the number of dead links is considerably reduced, in favor of valid content. Users share their experiences on viewing each content, so as to better guide the choice of others. However, the site encounters some outages. A certain patience is therefore required before accessing the available content.

Which direct download host to choose?

There are download links on all of the aforementioned sites, the sources of which are available from a host. Subscription is not necessary, but can speed up the download process. It is therefore important to choose your host carefully based on the restrictions it imposes.

The essential points to know about downloading techniques

There are 3 techniques for downloading films, series and audio files:

  • Peer To Peer or P2P: this is a protocol which consists of sharing downloads. Placed under the supervision of Hadopi workers, it allows data to be shared within a network of computers. Sharing is strictly regulated, but using a VPN allows you to bypass surveillance by the Hadopi commission.
  • Newsgroups: this is a rather outdated but effective download method. However, users must subscribe to one of the Newsgroups servers to download content securely.
  • Direct downloading or DDL: this is the technique explained in the previous paragraphs. Direct downloading escapes Hadopi’s surveillance, since the servers used are located abroad. This is the download method most popular with hackers.