Tower of God confirme sa deuxième saison

Tower of God confirms its second season

In addition to the expected manga adaptations, 2024 will be marked by the arrival of more animated series inspired by manhwas, that is to say Korean comics. Solo Leveling will be one of the big series hosting next year, but it won’t be the only one: Tower of God he is back.

An anime entirely produced by Crunchy roll tells the story of Bam and Rachel, a young couple who aim to climb a huge tower whose each floor is protected by an administrator who subjects the intrepid challengers to grueling tests that will push them to the limit.

The first season premiered in 2020 and surprised many anime fans with its dynamic pacing and new animation. While the first preview didn’t feature any specific sequences, it did introduce us to a variety of new characters who will appear throughout this second season.

Its premiere is scheduled for summer 2024 and, once again, Telecom Animation Film will be responsible for animating the work produced by Crunchyroll. The number of episodes is still unknown, but it is likely that they will have a duration similar to that of the first season despite the large number of chapters of the manhwa.

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