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Training in SEO: an asset for getting started in digital

Digitalization today affects all activities, from commerce to the provision of services. This phenomenon requires entrepreneurs, but also job seekers, to familiarize themselves with digital marketing. Although this is a particularly broad field, one thing is certain: mastering the fundamentals of SEO is an asset. With the place occupied by search engines in the digital market, no project will have the expected success without an effective SEO strategy. Hence the interest in training in SEO!

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization appeared the day after the appearance of search engines. Webmasters quickly understood the importance of good visibility on the response pages of these platforms. They then developed techniques to place themselves at the top of the results list. These techniques, once brought together, gave birth to SEO. This discipline therefore reveals the secrets of excellent visibility on the Web and train in SEO is a necessary step to successfully complete a web project.

Remember that currently nearly 9 out of 10 Internet users go through Google before accessing any page. For an e-retailer, holding first position on a query related to its activity allows it to get ahead of its competitors and thus increase sales. In other areas such as blogging or affiliation, occupying first place on the SERPs remains a significant asset. It ensures a sufficient number of visits to make its presence on the web as profitable as possible.

SEO is just one of the levers used in digital marketing. A web marketer can also rely on SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or inbound marketing to capture the attention of Internet users. That said, implementing an SEO strategy is crucial since it allows you to acquire traffic in a sustainable manner and, in principle, without devoting any budget to it.

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Overview of the content of SEO training

First of all, you must understand that there are two approaches to improving the positioning of a site. The webmaster can try to follow Google’s guidelines or try to fool the algorithms. The first method called “White Hat SEO” is the healthiest, but requires a lot of time. The second, called “Black Hat SEO”, gives quick results, but the site may later no longer appear on Google results pages. Under these conditions, training organizations and SEO consultants teach White Hat SEO.

Usually, trainers first explain to learners how search engines work. They also clarify the issues of SEO and provide solid theoretical foundations. Subsequently, these professionals introduce different useful tools to audit a site and collect valuable statistics. It will finally be time to present the steps to follow to implement a natural referencing strategy. The team will also inculcate the methodology to ensure continuous monitoring. At the end of the training, the trainer remains available to the learners. This will answer their questions and help them carry out any SEO project.

Although training in SEO is within everyone’s reach, this discipline is still quite technical. An error will have serious consequences and significantly reduce the turnover of the website. Fortunately, a reputable SEO consultant will always be able to adjust an ongoing campaign to achieve better results.


Against all expectations, SEO is at the heart of all activities carried out on the Web. At a time when all entrepreneurs are attacking this market, increased visibility on search engines is a real advantage. The technicality of this discipline still calls for more vigilance in the choice of SEO training. Those interested should look into the training organization and the composition of the teaching team. Ideally, trainers should be practicing SEO consultants, especially since the techniques used evolve with Google updates.