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Uma Thurman regretted turning down the role of Lord of the Rings, but her decision had its positive side

The Lord of the Rings cinematic saga could have been very different if the roles of the different characters had fallen to the first options considered by the production team. That’s how we saw it a long time ago when Sean Connery or Anthony Hopkins were set to play Gandalf, as was Russell Crowe as Aragorn and even Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as Frodo.

Another great actress who was also about to travel to Middle Earth was Uma Thurman since the possibility was tested that he could appear in The Two Towers and The Return of the King at play Éowyn . However, he did not decline the offer because he did not like the role or did not want to get involved in a project of such magnitude, but for another very important reason.

In an interview he gave in 2017 to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this was precisely the first question the presenter asked him when he wanted to know what had pushed him to refuse to participate. Well, the reason was that she had just had her first daughter and she felt like she should be home with her, even though she too He deeply regretted his decision stating that it was one of the worst he had suffered in his entire life.

If I had accepted, I would have had to travel to New Zealand for several years, since the trilogy was shot in one go and therefore the cast and crew had to settle there temporarily. Even so, as they say, there is no glimmer of hope, because during recording The Lord of the Rings She did not sit idly by as she received a call from Quentin Tarantino.

After working with him in the past on Pulp Fiction, the director cast her as the protagonist in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2, which premiered in 2004 and 2005. Both became a big success having raised almost $500 million between the two installments, in addition to becoming one of the most recognized roles the actress has played throughout his career.

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If he had accepted, who knows what would have happened to him then. Kill Bill or with actress Miranda Otto, who ultimately played Éowyn after Uma Thurman’s rejection, but at least the latter’s decision ended up resulting in something very positive for both of them.