Undead Unluck arrive sur Disney+

Undead Unluck is coming to Disney+

The fall anime season has given us several high-quality series, from the thrilling finale of Shingeki no Kyojin to the long-awaited second season of Spy X Family. However, not all series have arrived on time, and Undead Unluck is the most affected.

The new anime from David Productions, known for other works such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and fire force , debuted on Hulu last October. Until a few hours ago its launch in Spain had not been specified, but Disney+ This will be the platform responsible for legally offering this anime which has generated so much interest.

Unfortunately, the premiere of the episodes will not be complete, since their distribution will be weekly starting today, December 13. This means that Spanish viewers will be around ten episodes behind the original Japanese programming. Additionally, it is important to note that the anime is only available in the original subtitled version, and an official announcement from Disney Spain is expected to confirm if there will be a Spanish dub.

Even if Jujutsu Kaisen has attracted attention in recent weeks, Undead, bad luck is not left out. Those who have already had the opportunity to watch the episodes are rather satisfied with the adaptation. With more than half of the episodes still to be broadcast, a significant increase in audience is expected in early 2024.

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