Unither Pharma, French leader in pharmaceutical subcontracting (CDMO)

Unither Pharma, French leader in pharmaceutical subcontracting (CDMO)

For the packaging of their medicines, pharmaceutical laboratories entrust their projects to subcontractors. This is the case of the French Unither Pharma which, for more than 30 years, has been a market-leading CDMO (or Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations).

Unither Pharma: a world-class CDMO

Unither Pharma is a subcontractor specializing in the manufacturing and packaging of medicinal solutions on an industrial scale. To do this, the company intervenes at different phases of the process, from design to logistics, i.e. from the preclinical phase to commercial production.

The Unither Pharma company was created in 1993 following the purchase of a factory belonging to Sanofi. CDMO specializes in the manufacturing of sterile single-dose solutions such as physiological serum, eye drops or asthma treatment products. It is at the origin of advances such as the Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technique, Unistick® stick-packs (single-dose stick solutions) and Uniflash®, a new patented transmucosal drug administration system. oral (BTM).

For a number of years, Unither Pharma expands internationally in Brazil, the United States and even China. Today, Unither Pharma has become a world-class CDMO recognized.

Unither Pharma offers a wide range of services

By prioritizing long-term professional relationships, Unither Pharma experts are true “health solutions architects” who support the development of their clients’ projects from design to the implementation of effective marketing strategies. For this, the CDMO intervenes in 5 strategic areas: manufacturing, development, co-development, licensing out, regulatory expertise.

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In the manufacturing process

For packaging of medicinal solutions, Unither Pharma has developed several formats in order to best adapt the shape of the product to the different methods of administration. It offers the following formats in particular:

  • Single-dose medications
  • Multidose medications
  • Liquid stick packs
  • Bottles and vials
  • Sprays
  • Blisters
  • Pill boxes
  • Flexible or aluminum tubes

Development of solutions

Unither Pharma operates in two main areas.

  • The development of dosage forms (as we said in the previous paragraph, to offer health solutions in the medicinal form best suited to their route(s) of administration).
  • Solutions for analytical development and quality control.


Unither Pharma proposes to establish partnerships with laboratories as part of innovative co-development initiatives. This has benefits for laboratories including cost reduction, knowledge sharing and risk minimization. This also makes it possible to expand the network and conquer more markets.

Licensing out

Today, the Unither Pharma company supports its clients in putting their pharmaceutical solutions on the market by offering solutions in terms of licensing out (marketing authorization, pharmaceutical files, certifications by notified bodies within the European Union).

Regulatory expertise

Unither Pharma’s experts also offer consulting services to ensure compliance of its clients’ solutions with regulatory requirements, in particular through the drafting of different standards (for certifications, for health control authorities, etc.).