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Vice City and the result is simply incredible

The return to Vice City in GTA 6 was an open secret and yet it was dramatically revealed in the official trailer released by Rockstar Games. Any fan who has spent time in GTA Vice City You will understand that we are dealing with the same city… but with an infinitely better scale and level of detail.

As usual, some YouTube users quickly got to work offering detailed comparison videos, just as others pointed out details related to real life, cars, and more. In this case, GRIZZLY BEAR and Black Pot have the most popular videos. You can see them below.

The trailer for GTA6 It showed many places, some familiar and some new. There are two that stand out from the rest: Washington Beach-Ocean Beach Avenue and Starfish Island. In case you don’t remember the importance of the latter, this is where the mansion of Ricardo Diaz and (later) Tommy Vercetti is located. It was a nod to the manor of Scarf .

While both locations are significantly changed and better in general terms, it’s worth highlighting how the expansion changes. Vice City’s Starfish Island is an area that can be explored (by road) in less than a few minutes. However, in GTA6 He looks much older. You can see it in the image that we leave below. Breathtaking to any fan!

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