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If you want to play at 4K and 60FPS you will need a GeForce RTX 4070

Si vous souhaitez jouer en 4K et 60FPS vous aurez besoin d'une GeForce RTX 4070

Remedy has taken a turn towards survival horror with Alan Wake 2, but it is not waiting for its imminent launch, on the eve of Halloween night, to scare us, PC users: the minimum and recommended requirements are now official and ready to play. 2160p resolution and 60 frames , you will have to invest in a graphics card whose

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Initial D will have a film directed by a Fast & Furious star

Initial D aura un film réalisé par une star de Fast & Furious

In the late 90s, an underground racing anime appeared out of nowhere and immediately became a classic: Initial D . Featuring a tofu delivery man who really wants to slip up, the manga written by Shuichi Shigeno will once again see a live action adaptation on the big screen. This time, the person responsible for making this film will be

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It was a failure two years ago, but now it’s back from the dead

Champ de bataille 2042 1

The Battlefield franchise is not at its best. The release of Battlefield 2042 in 2021 ended up burying it in a very deep hole… but there is still hope. Electronic Arts has continued to invest in the title with updates and new seasons of content. Season 6, Dark Creations, arrived ten days ago and brought with him a lot of

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the card game reveals its decks on the theme of radioactive wastelands

Retombées magiques

We knew of its existence, but we can finally see it in all its glory. The long awaited crossover between Magic: The Gathering and Fallout has finally been revealed with themed decks that commemorate the Bethesda saga. All video games in the franchise since its birth in 1997 are included and we have also chosen to update the characters and

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directing a reboot of the original Star Wars trilogy

réaliser un redémarrage de la trilogie Star Wars originale

He was born in 1977 and since then Star Wars has fascinated us with its galaxy full of action, mysteries and a lot of epic. George Lucas’ franchise began with an unforgettable trilogy This has remained unchanged over time, but this is precisely what Matthew Vaughn wants to change. The Kingsman director admitted on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that

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