Voiranime: How to properly use this streaming site and what are the alternatives?

There are many free streaming anime on the internet. Some sites offer quality content, while others emphasize the richness of their catalog. If you are looking for a quality site that meets your most specific needs, VoirAnime is the streaming platform you should visit.

Today, most Internet users only want to watch recently released films or series, for free. But if we turn to anime or animated series, the choice is a little limited. Few sites offer this kind of content. Fortunately, VoirAnime is now available and accessible with a new address that we will give you a little later in this article. Moreover, the site is a better alternative for you who want to watch or download anime streaming for free, in French version or in subtitled version.


What is VoirAnime?

First of all, do you have what is SeeAnime ? In reality, it is a streaming site that offers free broadcasting of animated series and productions of Japanese origin. In the majority of cases, the characters are generated by a computer or drawn by hand. And today, the popularity of manga is not just limited to Japan. The trend is also arriving in France, but offers are often difficult to find, despite the wealth of certain sites. This is why we decided to write this article. This is to allow you to watch or download your favorite anime without spending a single cent.

Now available in France, VroiAnime is one of the best streaming sites with a very interesting catalog. Since its launch in 2019, the site has offered the most popular anime like One Piece or Naruto.

How does VoirAnime work?

SeeAnime is particularly interesting. The first specificity of the site is that it is free. You can watch as many anime as you want without having to register. If you see a registration request appear, you are on the wrong site, it is probably a copy or a fake site. The content is available to anyone with the official VoirAnime address. And the videos offered on VoirAnime are collected by users, but also by members of the site team. You can also communicate with other members of the community using the Discord platform now available from the site.

The categorization of content on the home page is done in alphabetical order. The same goes for the list of new releases and the latest animes recently added and which will be integrated soon. Otherwise, you can also sort by category. To do this, all you have to do is find the category that suits you, including drama, action, adventure, comedy, china and much more. Searching by review and by version (VF and VOTFR) is also possible on VoirAnime.

If you are interested in a particular video, you can click on it to obtain related information. Including production studio, status, ratings, genre, comments, etc. Then you can directly choose the episode you want to watch on a device of your choice.

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Is VoirAnime legal?

Free streaming sites are not really legal. The contents offered by these sites are protected by copyright. But the advantage with sites like VoirAnime is that you can easily find content that is not available on VOD sites. Moreover, this is one of the main reasons that push Internet users to visit free streaming sites.

There are indeed risks to take when connecting to the VoirAnime site. The authorities and rights holders risk tracking you down and we cannot advise you to use these sites. Instead, turn to sites that offer paid but legal offers to avoid risks.

Here is the official address of VoirAnime

If you still want to go to VoirAnime despite your warnings about the illegality of the site and its content, no problem! We will give you the official address: http://voiranime.com/. This URL may change due to the hunt for streaming sites ordered by legal authorities.

If in doubt, you can always check if you are indeed on the right site. The advertisements are sometimes invasive, but the banners will never ask you to register on the site or for information about your identity or your bank card. If a payment request appears, you are surfing the wrong streaming site.

Access VoirAnime content with a VPN

The problem with anime streaming sites like VoirAnime is that they tend to attract the attention of authorities. The risks are then significant, there is no need to deny it. This is precisely why the creators of the site are forced to change the address on a regular basis. On the user side, it is better to prevent risks and browse discreetly by using a VPN. This is to hide your identity, but also to provide a false IP address in the event of tracking. The VPN is also essential to bypass site blocking if it is inaccessible in your region.

To choose a better VPN, don’t use those that offer high speeds because they often cost money. The goal here is to access content for free, and not to spend money on a few free videos.

Alternatives to VoirAnime

In the event that you cannot access VoirAnime, despite your attempts to connect, you do not have to panic. Other alternatives are available, free streaming sites whose content is as rich as it is varied.

  • Mavanime: the site is still little known to users, but it offers anime of all genres, in VF and VOSTFR;
  • Neko Sama: offering various anime, animated films and shows in VF and Vostfr, Neko Sama is very easy to use;
  • Vostfree: essential for fans of anime and Japanese animation series, Vostfree offers a gigantic catalog of manga in free streaming.

Why is VoirAnime no longer accessible?

As we just said earlier in this article, there are several reasons for the closure of VoirAnime. This could be a change of address, a block from your ISP or even a temporary closure. Regardless, the site is still accessible from another URL.