Voiranime: What is the new official address of the Voiranime site in [month] [year]?

Voiranime is the reference streaming site for anime lovers in French. The site provides users with free content. However, after the events that occurred with Download Zone, Voiranime raises a lot of questions. Is it legal to watch anime on the site in France? Is the site secure? How to watch a video quietly on the site? The answers in the article.

Voiranime: a streaming site for anime

If you are an anime fan, you have probably heard of the Voiranime site. Anime lovers come together to watch their favorite anime. However, viewing may be subject to security constraints and raises questions of legality in France.

Voiranime is considered the French leader in streaming anime in Vostfr and VF. Unlike other streaming sites, the site only offers anime. Its library is immensely rich with nearly 5,000 titles and episodes. You can quickly find recently released episodes.

The most watched anime of the moment are available on the site like Naruto, One Piece, SNK, Fairy Tail, etc. For each anime, the site provides users with a list of available episodes.

Voireanime: A simple and easy-to-use interface

Like other streaming sites, Voireanime offers its users basic functionalities. As soon as you arrive on the home page, you will find two types of search bars. With the first, you can search for manga available in VF and with the second for Vostfr content. This option is convenient for fans who prefer to watch anime with the original voices or the opposite.

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The site interface is quite simplistic. It only takes a few minutes to immerse yourself in all the features. Are you interested in a particular series? You can search the bar quickly. If this is available, you will directly see the description at the bottom: year of production, number of episodes available, status of the series, etc.

When we go to a streaming site, we often fear a poor quality video. However, with Voiranime, you benefit from high quality videos. The Voiranime player is based on the same operation as that of YouTube. You have the choice between watching in full screen or in cinema mode.

JuinWhat is Voiranime’s address in?2024

Like other streaming sites, Voiranime is a victim of its success. Other fake sites have emerged to copy the original. This is why caution is advised before viewing a video. You risk coming across fake sites that extract personal information without your knowledge. In 2022, the official website of Voireanime is https://voiranime.com/. Registration is completely free. Also, you do not need to provide your bank details. If this is the case, it is probably a fake site.

Currently, Voiranime is not yet in the sights of Arcom, a sort of audiovisual police. The institution has already hunted down movie and sports streaming sites. Arcom has not yet announced clear guidelines regarding manga.

However, your mobile or PC can be detected by visiting this type of site. This is why it is best to always use a VPN.