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Ways to invest in the future of cybersecurity

Since the advent of Covid, teleworking has really grown. While this offers many advantages, it nevertheless has a real disadvantage: the risk of cyberattacks. Indeed, through 2021, the world has seen a significant number of widely publicized cyberattacks such as the Colonial Pipeline, JBP (the world’s largest meat processing company), the Steamship Authority of Massachusetts and many others . All of these ransomware attacks have increased in frequency and sophistication. They also highlight the importance of cybersecurity in society, because they cause numerous losses to businesses (increase in the cost of goods/services, closure of businesses, shortages and others). So what to do? What are the ways to invest in the future of cybersecurity? We talk about it in this article.

Cybersecurity threats in 2022

There has been strong growth in the cybersecurity market in recent years. Indeed, cybercriminals are only increasing their efforts to develop and increase their attacks. They exploit the fear and uncertainty linked to the current economic and social situation. In addition, web dependence constitutes a new opportunity for attacks for the latter.

Threats linked to teleworking

The major cybersecurity challenge in 2022 remains remote working. Since the pandemic and the confinement that followed, work habits have changed. Working from home and therefore remotely has increased with the cyber risks that surround it. Malicious people are constantly searching for vulnerable or poorly configured systems that connect to the internet. This mission seems much easier to them when we know that companies have recently encouraged teleworking.

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Targeted attacks

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What are the ways to invest in the future of cybersecurity?

The world of cybersecurity is filled with companies that offer a variety of expertise and areas of focus. However, the services offered revolve around data protection, network security, cloud computing security, program and application security, management of access to authorized users and many others. Faced with macroeconomic and societal factors, many estimates predict an increase in the cybersecurity market by 2027.

Invest in promising and specialized companies

The best way to invest in cybersecurity is to spread the investment across a very limited basket of specialized companies. These types of companies must have strong revenue growth and have the best financial analysts. The advantage of investing in such companies is that it allows you to have a better return as long as these companies continue to progress.

Choose experienced companies that offer cybersecurity services

The second investment possibility is to opt for mature companies whose revenues come from products/services related to cybersecurity. These are generally high-tech companies. Most of these companies have significant resources to deal with possible economic uncertainties. With this solution, the risk of changes in the world of cybersecurity is reduced.

Choosing to invest in cybersecurity stocks

To succeed, it is better to choose companies that have already proven themselves on the market or that have a good position in the sector. You have to opt for companies that have a significant valuation. In this sector you will find large companies, most of which, if not the largest, are American. These are in fact companies such as:

  • Crowdstrike, that’s more than $59 billion in market capitalization. This company deals with cybersecurity software and products, security and threat intelligence.
  • Palo Alto, a company that offers a wide range of services that cover several cybersecurity products for businesses. Its market capitalization is estimated at more than 46 billion.
  • Fortinet, with a market capitalization of more than $49 billion, this company focuses its activities on industrial hardware and software services.