Guerre moderne de Warzone

We were already in the Gulag long before Warzone and it was in one of the most epic missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The mode Call of Duty Warzone He arrived in the height of battle royale fever. Fortnite had over half the world going crazy and Apex Legends had the rest. It wasn’t uncommon for Activision to announce its own game mode in one of the gaming industry’s most successful franchises.

We’ve all wondered what Warzone has to offer beyond the addictive gameplay of Call of Duty , since its competitors had quite powerful characteristics: construction in Fortnite and mobility in Apex Legends. One of the most revolutionary features that distinguished the new promise was the Gulag.

If you’re unfamiliar with Warzone, the Gulag is a prison where all players who die in a game go. There they compete to determine who gets a second chance to get back into the game (winners) and who goes into the lobby (defeated). It was later learned that it was possible that all the competitors could escape if they united. And a little later, the possibility of being revived by your companions was added… for a small fee.

The setting has changed over time and since then the entire community has been clamoring for the return of the original. What is its particularity? Beyond its ideal structure, it turns out that it is inspired by one of the most epic missions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 .

MW2’s The Gulag mission puts us in the shoes of MacTavish, who attacks a prison in Russian territory to save prisoner #627… who turned out to be Captain Price. The escape requires us to knock down a wall to take a shortcut to the extraction point and this involves going through the showers. And it is precisely at this place that the Gulag of War zone . Did you like the first version or do you prefer the new ones?

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