Website: adapting to current trends

Web design trends are continually evolving to meet user requirements and the emergence of new technological processes. To stay current, website creators and initiators of these innovative trends are also forced to evolve. Let’s take a look at current website trends.

The App-like experience and minimalist designs: a 2022 trend

Web design trends for 2022 include the app-like experience and minimalist designs. You are indeed aware that many Internet users surf the web via their smartphone and that minimalist lines are always visually more pleasant.

Sites offering an App-like experience

The majority of today’s users are accustomed to navigating mobile applications where dynamic experiences, animation and interaction are the norm. Many professionals, for their part, are taking the next step, which consists of making platforms more dynamic in order to create unique experiences for Internet users. The trend is thus towards the design of smaller sites more focused on interaction, dynamic designs and user experience. We recommend that you contact a specialized agency in case of redesign of your website to integrate this App-like experience.

Website trends

Minimalist designs

The trend for minimalist designs is both retrograde and modern. Many web designers demarcate sections, paragraphs, headers and product galleries on platforms with simple lines. Likewise, the illustrations become more and more figurative and abstract, consisting solely of lines. The lines are bold and black, but can also be minimalist, sharp or ultra-thin. These lines are used alone or can be combined with much more illustrative elements.

Flat web design and the one page website

In terms of web design, the year 2022 is that of innovation through play and designers are moving further and further away from trends already omnipresent on the web. They have actually been largely overused in recent years and are now giving way to flat web design as well as the one page website.

Flat web design

Flat web design is a trend which consists of creating clean and simple sites alongside responsive design. Web developers and designers have embarked on this path to optimize the mobile version of the platform they create. As development evolves to meet the needs of Internet users, the result is websites that work perfectly on mobile devices. Traditionally image-heavy platforms are slow to load over 4G connections, which can be very frustrating for mobile users.

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Those that use the “flat” design, on the other hand, load faster due to their minimalist, clean style that requires less data. Note that in addition, the fast loading time has a lot to do with the ranking of your site in Google search results. Users are also more inclined to stay for a long time on platforms that are simple and offer easy navigation. Flat design reduces distractions and encourages users to focus on the most important parts of the platform.

One page websites

The one page website is the latest trend in the web development and design sector. It just looks like a site that only has one page. This design works great for displaying on smartphones because users don’t have to leave the home page. They just need to scroll to get various information. You will agree that this is the ideal option for blogs, small projects and e-commerce.

If you have a larger brand and need to present more information, you also have every interest in taking advantage of the “one page”. The power of the latter is above all its simplicity. Additionally, conveying all the necessary information in a single range equates to fine-tuning your messages. Clear and concise design is a proven way to attract visitors. Combining this friendly style with good design can also boost conversion rates. Best of all, hosting, development and design costs are reduced compared to multi-page designs.

Color gradients and interactive 3D content

Today, the Internet is used for almost everything, whether it’s socializing, watching the news, banking or shopping. As it has to meet the demands of millions of Internet users around the world, web development has seen strong growth. Current trends in programming include color gradients and interactive 3-D content.

website redesign

Color gradients and oversized fonts

Web design in 2022 is filled with colors and smooth transitions. Gradients are particularly fashionable because, unlike uniform colors, they create a dynamic effect, thus giving relief to your site. The choice of gradient type depends on the image of your platform and your tastes. Very large fonts are also in fashion this year, becoming a design element in their own right. Note that fonts are tools to give your brand its own identity.

Interactive 3D content

In the past, graphics or three-dimensional images have not played a major role in web design. Brands that wanted to enhance their projects with 3D effects mainly used videos. Today, an exciting new trend is gradually replacing this static integration of the three-dimensional. It’s about 3D elements that can be moved with a click or with your finger. This type of interactive objects offers enormous potential, especially for e-commerce. This way, customers can see a product from all angles to get the best possible image.

This online experience is very similar to the physical purchasing experience where the buyer can inspect the desired product from every angle.