Website, social networks: what should you prioritize?

When you implement your communication strategy, the question quickly comes to the table, and trade-offs must necessarily be made between your website and social networks, two often complementary missions but for which you do not always have the human resources or sufficient financial resources to take care of it properly. Let’s try to see how to make your choices, and what tools or resources to use.

Website, SEO and advertising campaigns

A website is, for almost all companies, a obligation. If allowing people who are looking for you to find you is relatively easy, using it as a canvassing and transformation tool in relation to Internet users’ requests can be long and costly if you position yourself on a competitive market. Indeed, the natural reference (so that your site positions itself correctly in the results pages (the SERPs) of search engines like Google) is a mission requiring a great deal of effort. mastery of the subject and a regular work. If the task can be entrusted to a agency or internalized, it will be necessary to estimate the profitability. This point can be complex in the context of selling services, and may take time to put in place. To boost your traffic, however, you can launch campaigns, and at the same time test your conversion rate.

Social networks: more direct communication

With time, the social networks began to generate as many traffic as search engines on websites. If disparities are noted depending on the activity area, the fact remains that the possibilities offered by the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others LinkedIn are huge. First of all, in terms of targeting, you can quite easily reach communities that you know are sensitive to your products and services. In addition, these networks all have their own advertising agency and allow a targeting very precise by age, region or even centers of interest. In addition, social networks allow direct interactions, the implementation of chatbots which facilitate connection, and thus leave an important place for humans. Easy to use, they can be more easily supported internally and havestatistical tools fairly efficient integrated systems.

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What tools to use, should you go through an agency?

A digital strategy must necessarily rely on tools And methods effective and quantifiable marketing in order to give you visibility objective on the actions implemented. So, if you do not have the internal resources to carry out an SEO mission or relevant account management on social networks, it will then be mandatory to work with an agency specializing in marketing with the power to support you. There digitalization commercial processes is in fact at the heart of the vast majority of businesses, and there is no doubt that you will have to devote the same energy to it as your competitors in order to stay in the race: Inbound Marketing, use of a CRM tool, natural referencing, campaign management or even community management.