Well-being at work: 5 advantages of flex-office

The flex office is a particular workspace organization, specific to companies. According to this organizational model, the classic system of assigning a fixed workstation to an employee no longer exists. Flex office is based on the idea that workspace belongs to everyone and can be occupied by various people. Increasingly adopted, this way of approaching the workspace offers numerous advantages, both for the company itself and for its employees.

Flex office increases efficiency and productivity

When you want to set up a flex-office, you are obliged to demarcate various workplaces depending on the function you wish to assign to them. Concretely, you must abandon the idea of ​​assigning assigned positions in favor of different shared spaces. This new layout of your premises will allow you to provide suitable places for each task, with different atmospheres.

This way, each employee who goes to work in the morning will be able to sit where they feel most comfortable. Of the workspace management and optimization tools, as you can see on moffi.io, considerably increase the efficiency of each of your employees. The reason is simple: they are in the right conditions to give the best of themselves. A worker needing calm for a complex task can isolate themselves in a place provided for this purpose. His concentration will be more intense and he will be able achieve goals who are his.

In the event that some need to exchange and consult, they will all be able to move to spaces specifically dedicated to meetings. In addition to boosting the efficiency of your employees, flex-office acts directly on company productivity. You obtain better results and have perfectly fulfilled teams thanks to their work environment.

In order to guarantee this productivity, we suggest that you take into account the needs of your teams before designing your flex office. For example, you can carry out a survey to determine the different areas to develop. By doing this, you will best meet the expectations of all employees.

flex office

More balanced employees with flex-office

The flex office directly affects well-being of your employees, and in different ways. It allows them to better organize their daily lives and therefore find the perfect balance between professional and personal life. With flex-office, all the spaces created do not necessarily need to be in the same premises. To grant more mobility and ease to your teams, you can opt for their dispersion.

The members of your company will therefore be able to feel free to head towards the workplace closest to their home. This will have positive repercussions on their sleep time and by extension on their well-being. They will have more ease in organizing their day so that they can be fully invested in their professional life.

With flex office, you have happy employees. To a certain extent, it isan undeniable productivity factor. The better they feel, the more inclined they will be to exceed their limits for themselves and for the company.

Do not hesitate to define your flex-office organization with this objective in mind. Paradoxically, the shorter the distance between their home and their workplace, the more time they will spend there. Ultimately, this benefits the company that evolves faster.

With flex-office, a changing working atmosphere

One of the pitfalls of traditional work organization is that it can quickly make you sink into routine. Every morning, you have to take the same route to get to the same office, with the same equipment, the same view. Although for some people this repetition of everyday life is easy to manage, for others it is stifling. This can have several consequences, including reducing the quality of work.

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Flex office is an excellent way to constantly stimulate your employees. With this way of working, every day is different from the last. Depending on their desires, they will be able to change location or work space, and see new people every day. This is ideal to prevent isolated groups from forming within the company. All members develop links with each other and can exchange ideas. Collaboration and horizontal communication are therefore reinforced thanks to flex-office.

In addition, the work environment is not imposed and is changeable. This perpetual change is quite stimulating. It is beneficial for both morale and employee involvement. In fact, you will have more enthusiastic teams and more creative.

More generally, flex office improves the working atmosphere for each employee, and for the company as a whole. This is the ideal working method to instill good humor and enthusiasm in your partners.

Save money with flex office

When your company adopts flex-office, it is able to significant savings. Indeed, thanks to this organization, it is possible to optimize office occupancy. This results in the reduction of maintenance costs, which sometimes constitute significant fixed costs.

Apart from that, the layout of the space is better thought out. You reduce the surfaces used unnecessarily. It results a significant drop in real estate costs. In addition to this aspect, it is also possible for you to reduce expenses regarding energy consumption.

With flex-office, the number of workstations is reduced so as to prevent some remaining vacant. Therefore, energy consumption is reduced strictly necessary. This can be amplified by the introduction of flexible working hours or rotations, for example.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, you must first of all understand the operation and methods of application of flex-office. Even if some spaces can be eliminated, others are essential.

Better management with flex-office

In practice, the use of flex-office affects the management of your teams. Fortunately, this impact is positive and actually translates into simplification of managerial tasks. Indeed, flex-office goes hand in hand with less intrusive monitoring of your employees.

Control must give way to trust since your employees decide for themselves where they work. However, you must pay attention to two things. First, you need to make sure you have a global vision of movements members of the company. Secondly, you need to put in place the necessary measures so that everyone is on the same level of information.

To achieve these two objectives, there are numerous collaborative tools accessible, intuitive and easy to use. On the one hand, these give you the possibility of efficiently administering all spaces by optimizing their occupancy rate. Of course, you will be able to fulfill this role without having to travel. On the other hand, they serve as a common thread between all members of the company. Where possible, you can use them to communicate important data or information.

In summary, the flex-office model fits perfectly into our times, and is beneficial for your employees and your business. The organization of work is designed to put your employees in the best conditions. Only in this way will they give their best.