Wetransfer: How to use this free data transfer service?

Internet users today have the choice between many alternatives for transferring large files. However, Wetransfer is among the solutions most often chosen by interested parties. In addition to being easy to use, this tool can be used for free.

What is Wetransfer?

As its name suggests, Wetransfer was designed to allow users to transfer files online. Presented in the form of a web portal and a mobile application, this tool is accessible from any platform including computers, smartphones and tablets.

Wetransfer gives you the means to send a file to one of your contacts. You can also use it to store your files for future sending. Several formulas are available. The free plan allows you to transfer up to 2 GB per month. A monthly subscription of €12 gives you the means to send up to 20 GB per month and store up to 1 TB of data via the Cloud service.

Several features have also been planned to secure your shipments. For example, you can set a password or encrypt the data. Wetransfer also carries out regular updates in order to gradually close any possible security vulnerabilities.

How to initiate a transfer?

Both the website and the mobile application display practically the same interface. In this sense, it will be necessary to proceed in the same way with a few details. First, you simply need to open the tool or access the platform to read the terms of use. Once this is done, click on “I accept” to finally land on your personal space.

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At this point, it’s time to add the files to send. To do this, drag them directly onto the main interface. If you are not used to this manipulation, you can click on the button dedicated to this purpose to browse your folders and choose the file(s) to transfer. Once the selection is made, all you have to do is click on “Open” to move on to the next step.

Start sending

To validate the transfer, you must still choose a recipient. This step is childishly simple since you just need to enter the email address of your friend or colleague in the corresponding field. A grouped sending is possible and you can even include yourself in the list of recipients. This way you will also receive the download link.

Of course, a field has also been provided so that you can accompany the link with a note. After duly filling all the fields, you simply have to press “click” so that the recipients will be able to retrieve the file in question. At every step, remember that the free version allows you to transfer up to 2 GB of data.

How to receive files using Wetransfer?

As you might expect, recipients do not receive the files directly. They will instead receive a link which they will use to download the data sent. The transfer is secure and does not expose you to malware.