What alternatives to Shareasale?

Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate platforms in the world. With more than 16,000 partner companies, this site has attracted many web entrepreneurs wanting to create a source of recurring income. However, for some, the adventure ended in an unexpected way. Indeed, the platform can terminate the partnership at any time if you violate the terms of use. For those who are in this situation, we will present the alternatives to Shareasale. But before that, we will look at its advantages and the reasons which can justify a breach of contract.

Shareasale: one of the affiliate giants

Shareasale does not have as extensive a network as Amazon Associates. However, this platform offers affiliates a wide variety of products to promote. In around twenty years of existence, it has continued to expand its influence by convincing promising companies to join it. Today, content creators and infopreneurs from all backgrounds can choose between more than 100,000 references ranging from garden furniture to children’s toys and household appliances. An asset that has allowed the platform to carve out a place of choice in this sector. Moreover, many affiliates are full of praise for it.

Why is Shareasale popular?

From an affiliate perspective, Shareasale owes its popularity to its well-stocked product catalog. The platform solves one of the main problems for webmasters interested in affiliation, which is product research. Many of them administer general sites and must occasionally include buying guides or reviews to monetize their portals. However, finding an affiliate program that offers the products you have in mind is not always an easy task. At Shareasale, this problem does not arise since there is little chance that the item will not be found on the platform. Please note that new products are added every day.

For some, joining Shareasale was also obvious because of the ergonomics of the site. Despite a visual appearance that seems dated, you can easily navigate to access your personal information, consult the characteristics of a particular product family or even pending payments. According to the opinions left here and there, the registration procedures are far from being restrictive. Thus, a novice will be able to register as long as they already have an active website. Note also that anyone who wishes to promote any article will be accepted. You will therefore not receive a refusal message after choosing to promote any product.

Regarding payments, nothing to report! All sales made and each visit initiated from the affiliate link will be counted. The team will be transparent and you will receive every penny that Shareasale owes you. Note that the platform only authorizes withdrawals of more than 50 USD.

Still, if countless web entrepreneurs have stayed at Shareasale, it is also because of the possibility of interacting with the program manager. The best sellers can therefore negotiate much higher commissions with the partner platform or brand. This is a real plus for affiliates who have big ambitions for their websites.

What are the weaknesses of Shareasale?

With all its qualities, why is Shareasale not the leader in the affiliation market? Well, there are several reasons for this, starting with its scale. Shareasale does not enjoy as much prestige as CJ Affiliates or Amazon Associates. She struggles to convince big brands and ultimately only collaborates with SMEs or companies known only locally. In this sense, although it offers a wide diversity of products, often these items are not necessarily well known to the general public. Which constitutes a real challenge for affiliates. The latter can possibly get their hands on niche products. However, they will have to redouble their efforts to make them known.

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Regular users have also noted that the links provided are not particularly suitable for WordPress sites. Indeed, very often, these links will include the “&” character. WordPress changes this character to “&nbsp” when switching from text mode to visual mode. Ultimately, the link pasted on the site may ultimately not work. At this time, it is unknown whether this issue has been resolved. However, this little problem could well ruin all the efforts of not very attentive webmasters. In this case, there is nothing to detect these invalid links on Shareasale. The person concerned will simply think that the products in question are not of interest to the public. This should therefore be remedied as quickly as possible.

Getting kicked out of Shareasale: how to react?

Those who have been involved in affiliation for years already know that you can be kicked out of a program at any time. Indeed, the conditions of use and subscription concern many points. Points that the platform will not necessarily expose to you or that you will neglect due to lack of attention. Thus, you may be excluded because you gave a fixed price to the products or because your affiliate links were not placed in the right place. In any case, if you receive an email announcing your exclusion, don’t panic. Perhaps the grass is greener elsewhere. And this is precisely what we are going to present to you through these alternatives to Shareasale.


Awin is one of the leading affiliate operators in Europe. Resulting from the merger between Zanox and Affiliate Window in 2017, the group was perfectly equipped to compete with Amazon. A year later, it was already starting to buy its competitors, including Shareasale. Choosing Awin therefore means joining the parent company, owner of Shareasale and you will have access to more products for more than satisfactory commissions.


Lemonads is poised to become a reference in affiliate marketing. With partners present in 200 countries, this platform constitutes an interesting alternative for web entrepreneurs around the world. For now, many appreciate it for the terms of payment of commissions. Indeed, it is one of the rare market players who can make a weekly payment.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising no longer needs to be introduced to French-speaking webmasters. This platform is very well positioned in France. Many webmasters particularly appreciate the support provided. Thus, advisors can possibly support you in identifying the levers to exploit to increase sales. The programs offered concern many sectors, to name only Retail or the tourism sector.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a real juggernaut. This platform has the most extensive network on the market. Although it has nothing left to prove in almost 30 years of existence, few French people turn to CJ Affiliate. The site offers few programs to French speakers and ultimately the choices are therefore limited. Nevertheless, it remains a boon for all bilingual bloggers and webmasters looking for new challenges to take on.


Appeared in 1998, ClickBank is also one of the historic players in affiliation along with CJ Affiliate. However, while CJ Affiliate advocates careful monitoring, ClickBank wants to be less demanding. Thus, the subscription terms are less restrictive with higher commissions. In this case, where is the scam? Well, there isn’t, except that from time to time your money will be slow to arrive in your current account.