femme qui utilise une carte prépayée pour faire ses achats sur nternet

What are the benefits of corporate payment cards?

For a company, budget control is more than a necessity. Ensure travel expenses for employees, operating expenses and also amortize the costs generated. But what about the salaries to be paid to your employees and also the fact of rewarding them?! Via a prepaid card, giving gifts is also an option! We often talk about a prepaid professional card, but have you thought about a rewards card? Let’s discover the different advantages of using corporate payment cards to cover logistics costs, but also other…

Pro: reasons to opt for prepaid cards

In addition to being integrated into your accounting management, professional prepaid card offers many advantages such as:

  • Budget control: with an amount allocated to the prepaid payment card, your employees have the necessary resources for their daily expenses, whether traveling or not.
  • Easy expense management: from the virtual interface, transactions, operations, and available funds will be quickly visible even from a mobile phone
  • Simplified salary payment: pay salaries and bonuses to your employees directly to a dedicated card
  • Commissions waived: thanks to a prepaid bank card, currency fees and taxes will not be applied abroad
  • Gifts to encourage your employees: grant your employees an amount via a prepaid card to thank them
  • Professional expenses in real time: keep an eye (and control) on expenses made at any time from the back office
  • A corporate payment card for (even) more flexibility: your teams will be autonomous in managing their budget

The different PCS PRO offers decrypted

At PCS PRO, 3 types of prepaid card are offered. Let’s go into a little more detail to know which one to select…

  1. PCS Corporate card: to track, centralize and facilitate your business expenses. Thanks to the Corporate business payment card, your teams will be able to travel (in France and abroad) completely independently. Managing their expense reports will also be made easier and you will be able to control their budget at any time from the Manager interface (real-time operations, funds released, ceilings raised, etc.) and without forgetting VAT recovered as well as your protected data.
  2. Map PCS Incentive : to compensate for the obsolete gift voucher with a modern and scalable alternative! Recharge the professional gift card according to the challenges won and to continue to motivate your employees throughout the year! A special gift or an event to celebrate? Choose this gift card to congratulate your employees!
  3. White Label PCS card: to personalize the payment card in your image and the colors of your company, stand out among your employees (and others!) with the fully customizable White Label PCS card
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Don’t be fooled: if necessary, you can lock or unlock your professional prepaid card in one click! So, ready to opt for a management solution synonymous with peace of mind?