What are the best Chromebooks of [month] [year]?

Economical alternatives to laptops running Windows or OS, Chromebooks are on the rise. Since the launch of the first models by Google a decade ago, brands have strived to offer more advanced products. With their Intel, MediaTek, or even Ryzen processor in the best case, these hybrid laptops offer good performance without hurting the wallet. If you are looking for a Chromebook that meets your expectations, the next highlights are for you.

Before choosing your Chromebook…

Running with an operating system from Google, your future Chromebook includes alternative software to that of a Windows PC and a Mac OS. The Office pack offered by the creator of Android is available online. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet as well as the usual office tools. Rest assured, they continue to work offline. Also note that storage capacity remains quite limited. However, your device will be synchronized with Google Drive. Which gives you 100 GB of free backup space.

Remember that Chromebooks are designed for basic office tasks such as typing. They can also be suitable for long hours of Internet surfing. Video on demand platforms like Netflix are even configured on the browser. That said, your device doesn’t have the resources needed for PC gaming in general. Cloud services for entertainment such as Nvidia GeForce Now are available through Play Store as compensation. The operating system is regularly updated to support new applications. Expect pleasant surprises.

If you like online gaming, make sure you have the minimum requirements for Cloud gaming. Using programs like Shadow, you should be able to access the Steam game library. This type of service will cost you a monthly subscription of €5.49. You can also find out about the possibility of having an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This entry entitles you to around a hundred titles offered on Microsoft’s home console, all for only €13. Unless you want to torture your Chromebook’s keyboard, consider investing in a good controller.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet, a basic configuration to get you started

Offered for under €300 on the main e-commerce sites, the Lenovo IdealPad Duet is a hybrid Chromebook compatible with most Android applications. This is a tablet PC with a detachable keyboard and a 10.1-inch touchscreen. Its brightness adjusts with the ambient lighting using a sensor. This device has a Mediatek Helio P60 octacore processor and has 4 GB of RAM. It offers a storage capacity of 128 GB.

Maintained at the correct angle by its cover, the screen can be used as a mobile terminal. It has two cameras. The main one immortalizes your memories at 8 megapixels. For video calls and selfies, you have a 2-megapixel front sensor illuminated by an LED flash. A 7180 mAh battery is found in this detachable tablet. It has an announced autonomy of 10 hours. This Chromebook is compatible with Wifi 5 signal and Bluetooth 4.2. It has a USB 3.1 port and a Type C connector.

Weighing 920 grams, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet clearly does not intend to pass itself off as a laptop PC. Its keyboard is significantly smaller compared to that of the iPad Pro. Not suitable for intensive typing, it may be suitable for light office tasks and exchanges on social networks. Its RAM quickly becomes limited with resource-intensive applications. Regardless, this device is more than sufficient for everyday multimedia use. Its two stereo speakers and 1920×1200 pixel screen are perfect for streaming.

Why choose to buy an HP ChromeBook?

HP is also one of the leading brands in the manufacturing of computer equipment. So, as you can imagine, it also offers its customers, different Chromebook models to meet their expectations.

Above all, if many people turn to devices and equipment manufactured by this brand, it is because it offers both IT tools and reliable and full of interesting features.

Additionally, HP devices are known to be very resistant and durable in time. Those who wish to know more generally the different reasons to choose a ChromeBook, know that there are several.

An affordable price

One of the main advantages of the Chromebook over a real laptop is its affordability. This is indeed an excellent choice to make if you want to take advantage of the features of a PC, without having the necessary budget to offer you a high-performance laptop.

A quick start

The second advantage of the Chromebook is its quick startup. This device has a basic operating system, which significantly reduces startup time.

A long-lasting battery

For those who regularly use their computing tool outdoors, the Chromebook represents an excellent choice. It actually has a high performance battery which allows you to work for several hours, without needing a recharge.

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Great lightness

Let’s also not forget that with a Chromebook, you will have the impression of moving around with a computer tablet. The device is very light and veryEND, and this is possible thanks to the use of a reduced number of internal components.

The Chromebook is therefore manufactured in such a way as to be the less bulky as possible, which makes it a real ally for nomads. Several other reasons can explain the increasingly growing interest in this type of IT tool.

An entry-level model called Acer 314

Priced at €230 in stores, the Acer 314 2021 (CB314-1HT) targets a juvenile clientele. Despite its affordable price, this Chromebook offers great performance. The device is built around an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 microprocessor. Its 8 GB of RAM makes it suitable for most applications for laptops and Android tablets. The internal memory is limited to 64 GB SSD. Which makes it a model intended for use under Cloud.

This inexpensive laptop has nothing to be ashamed of with its very high definition 14-inch screen. The finish of the product is acceptable for its general price. The keyboard is pleasant to use with flexibility designed for intensive use. In terms of connectivity, this model is equipped with 4 USB ports, including 2 type C. You also need an adapter to connect to a larger screen via an HDMI cable. In any case, Wifi and Bluetooth work perfectly on this equipment. If necessary, the memory can be expanded with a micro SD card.

The real advantage of the Acer 314 would be its autonomy. Its battery can last more than twelve hours without being plugged into a power outlet. The ARM Mali G72 MP3 graphics card handles most image editing applications. The 8-core chip and 8 gigabytes of RAM add to the resources available to process 4K videos. Online gaming enthusiasts will be able to have fun with the lightest titles thanks to this Chromebook.

Power and much more with the Spin 514

The Acer Chromebook Spin 514 is available for around €500 in e-commerce. Its configuration places it among the most relevant models on the market. The quality/price ratio is there. This device breaks away from the usual Intel and Pentium processors. It is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 53 500 U chip whose performance no longer needs to be developed. Beneath its very classic appearance, the Acer 514 Spin hides a real laptop. Its 14-inch IPS Full HD screen is characterized by thin borders.

Despite its rather compact look, this laptop weighs 1.6 kg. The screen folds 360° to transform the terminal into a demonstration tablet. In any case, its metal frame gives it great strength. With the rest of its range, Acer has opted for an entirely plastic casing. In terms of connectivity, the Taiwanese manufacturer equips the model with 2 USB Type Cs in addition to the 2 classic outputs. Surpassing the brand’s other Chromebooks, the Spin 514 includes an HDMI port.

This Spin 514 is aimed at academics and professionals. Its 8 GB of RAM makes it a real work PC. This equipment is especially suitable for indoor use since its screen shows a lack of brightness outdoors. Despite its powerful processor, this Chromebook has a battery capable of lasting an entire day (10 hours) without being plugged into an electrical outlet. Like the other PCs in the range, its storage is limited to 64 GB, but it is always possible to extend it with an SD memory card or via the Cloud.

The Acer 317 2021, a real laptop among Chromebooks

Inaugurating a new category of large-format Chromebook, the Acer 317 2021 is close to a real laptop with its 17.3-inch screen. This 43 cm diagonal LCD panel offers greater visual comfort and better versatility. Indeed, this model is already suitable for doctoral students and certain professionals with its expanded work space. It should be noted that the definition remains Full HD, that is to say 1920 x 1080 pixels. This Chrombook works with an Intel Celeron N4500 processor supported by 4 GB of RAM.

As the non-detachable screen has the dimensions of a real laptop PC, the keyboard is enlarged accordingly with the Acer 317. Easier to use, it includes a touchpad for the function keys. The battery provides 9 hours of autonomy, which remains a benchmark for a laptop PC. The connection does not yet include an HDMI port, but this problem is quickly solved with an adapter connected to a USB type C. There is also Wifi 6 (ax) and Bluetooth.

Known under the CB317-1H nomenclature, this Chromebook offers excellent value for money. As it is a model that has been out for almost a year, its price on the second-hand market is halved compared to the new price. Priced between €300 and €400 depending on the configuration, this model is a delight for bargain lovers. Especially since it comes in several versions, including one with a touch screen. It is also possible to have 8 GB of RAM.