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What are the main levers you can use to develop your professional career?

As we all know, this period punctuated by the Covid-19 epidemic has been tough for many employees and rightly so, many people are currently looking to boost their professional careers. Do you also want to develop your career and give new impetus to your professional prospects? or simply need to change direction for new horizons? Well, that’s pretty good because in the rest of this article, we’re going to discuss several levers to pull that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your career.

To begin, take stock of your acquired knowledge, experience and skills.

Except for a privileged few, our work, our profession, occupies a preponderant place in our daily lives and the more time passes, the more our skills evolve and give us the opportunity to acquire new know-how. The more time passes, the more this becomes obvious to us and this means that we only take a short time to realize it and take stock of this knowledge duly acquired throughout our career.

It is therefore without you really realizing it, that these skills acquired over time become what we can call, a professional heritage, a real talent which makes you a unique person and which at the same time can, open new paths for you to progress in your professional career even change direction.

Taking stock at a pivotal moment in your career is a positive action and one that should really be considered. You can do this yourself, or call on a professional such as a career coaching specialist, or more generally, have an assessment of your skills carried out.

Consider adult training

Qualifications training for adults are an excellent professional springboard that allows candidates to train and develop new professional skills.

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These can indeed be essential when considering developing your career. For example, for a person who has held the position of accounting assistant for several years, following adult training will offer you the opportunity to progress to an accounting position. The training itself can either be financed by your company or by your own funds if you can afford it.

Other means of financing are available to you, such as, for example, actions initiated to promote continuing training (CPF, CEP, etc.) by the Avenir Professionnel law. This offers all workers the opportunity to gain skills and at the same time obtain new diplomas. For companies that wish it, the Skills Development plan provides access to numerous training courses which can easily open new doors for you.

Make sure you transform your skills into diplomas

Since the advent of the law concerning social modernization, the VAE, aka validation of acquired experience, gives the possibility to any person to obtain a certification, a diploma or any other title registered with the RNCP (abbreviation meaning Directory National Professional Skills) by having your skills acquired throughout your career validated. If your goal is to progress into a position with greater responsibility or more simply, to join a position in a new company, the VAE can be a viable solution to your projects. The diploma that you will obtain through this validation of your acquired knowledge will be proof of the official legitimacy of your skills with your employer.

Also note that this solution is suitable for people who wish to start their own craft profession (bakery, landscaping, etc.)

Above all, don’t forget that in our country, diplomas represent the most important lever in a career. Apart from opportunities to seize, they are a certificate of confidence, proving your abilities and your potential to your employer when it comes to career development.